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Farewell French Braids (for now anyway)

16 Sep

Today, Nia and I had an afternoon at the beauty salon.  It was so sweet.  She was such a big girl and sat so very still during her haircut and waited very patiently during mine.  Here’s how her super cute cut came out –

Loves Her Hair

Some of the people in there made me nervous because they asked me, “what made you cut it all off?” It was like I had done something wrong by having my little girl’s hair cut.  I liked her long hair too (especially when she had French Braids in) but it desperately needed some scissors and a trim wouldn’t have been enough.  I love her new ‘do and I can’t wait to watch it grow.  She’ll get to sport so many different looks!  So grown up!

Hiding the Grays

19 May

Today I fired a shot at the grays. My hair is now glowing with highlights.

The Enemy is Hiding Within

I actually really like it.  I just better not spot any gray hairs in the mix of color!

Momma Did It

16 Mar

Still a Cutie to Me

I don’t know why I continue to attempt to cut Nia’s bangs. I had been doing ok – the past few trims were successful – I had cut the bangs just enough so they were out of her eyes but not enough for anyone to say “Whoa!  Did Nia get her hands on the scissors?!?!”  This time though I’m sorry to say I failed but I still mostly blame the scissors…

The last time I massacred her hair this badly she was still going to day care and when people would ask her about it she would just say, “Momma did it.”

Well sweets, I did it again but please know, to me, it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like – you will always be the most adorable little thing I’ve ever seen.  Oh yeah – and I promise never to attempt to “trim” your bangs again.

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