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School Art, His Art

12 Aug

It seems Nate is loving his art time in Kindergarten so much that he doesn’t just stop at the school-assigned picture. Drawn on the backs of his beautifully colored raccoon and dragons are adorable baseball players. I told him to just always make sure he does what the teacher wants first, then if he has time, he can draw as many Nate originals as he wants.


Nate's Beautiful Coloring


All-Star Artist


Dragon Picture 1




Colorful Dragons


Player on the Field

Mommy Craft Challenge

5 Mar

Seriously, it could be the next big reality show in some circles. I would be allowed on Mommy Craft Challenge though strictly for comedic relief. The other moms would have the opportunity to snub me,  giggle at my creations, feel sympathy for me, try to teach me and then just shrug their shoulders writing me off knowing it’s just not my cup of tea. And I’m ok with all of that. I’m ok with not knowing what the heck “seed beads” are.

I actually get a kick out of people thinking my art/crafts are something the kids did. I take it as a compliment. I do point out that the kids’ creations turn out way better than mine so it’s not right for me to let someone think they drew that zany, smiley face, mismeasured person or poorly glued those pom-poms on that foam frame.

What matters most is that we have fun doing these projects and the kids love them.  When they ask, “Can we make art/crafts?”, they don’t think, mommy can’t do this. They actually encourage me. During craft time today, Nia would tell me, “It doesn’t have to be perfect, Mommy.” Or, “It’s our first one so it’s going to look messier than the others.” She’s so sweet, smart and crafty.

Here’s a look at some of our creations:


Supplies for 4+ Projects

Desktop Bulletin Board


Glue for Trim


Making it Fancy


More Fanciness


Finished Framed Desk Bulletin Board


Tassel Dolls

Doing Tassel Doll


Tassel Doll BFFs


Future Project


Future Project

An Artistic Nap

11 Oct

He always acts as though he will go right to sleep for nap time but as soon as we shut the door Nate the artist comes to life.

Here is one of his creations I discovered on his pillow the other day. He wrote all of his loves. He documented the names of the three girls he likes and then he drew a baseball underneath their names. I found it extra sweet that his beloved blankey was right next to his work.




He was really proud of this next creation and he even told me a little story about it. “Look at my porcUpines, momma. See, there’s a mean one and a happy one. The mean one is named Nate. They’re my porcUpines.” I will always remember how adorable he sounded when he pronounced the word. His tiny voice, emphasizing the “u”. I can’t imagine him being the mean porcUpine – or, in fact, any porcUpine pronounced like that being mean.




How Can I Toss a Nia/Nate Original?

15 Jul

In our house, there is a “computer” room.

In that room, there is a computer – but there are also several overflowing boxes.

In those boxes, there are pieces of paper that I treasure very much.

They show off first ABC’s and 123’s, families shaped like hearts, crayon pressed so hard by Nate that you can scratch your name in it, school work documenting little Nia’s Math and Spelling skills, colorful finger paint art and Nia’s illustrated stories.

Nia/Nate Originals

I cherish every creation in those boxes.  Each one is so special and shows how the kids have grown. But now I’m afraid – the collection of Nia/Nate Originals is growing too large. They are only 6 and 3 – I can’t possibly let the collection keep growing – it would eventually take over our house.

But where do I begin? How do I choose one over the other? What if I throw one away that I will wish I had later? It’s just so hard for me to even think about sorting through those boxes and dividing the contents into “keep” and “toss” piles.

In my head, I have issues.

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