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Can’t buy holiday greetings like this

14 Dec

The kids signed their holiday cards tonight and their artwork featured many popular festive sights, plus a few that brought out a giggle or two. I couldn’t help but chuckle at “Santa’s Leg.” Nia laughed too and insisted it was supposed to be Santa sneaking around to deliver toys. (Until she finally admitted she tried to draw a stocking but messed up. From there, Santa’s Leg was born.)


Tiny snowman in window scene


She loves the rounder reindeer scene


It's a Spiderman Christmas scene by Nate


Sweet wishes scene


It's a stocking scene


This is Santa's leg and boot. You see it, right?


I love the duck in her D

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An Artistic Nap

11 Oct

He always acts as though he will go right to sleep for nap time but as soon as we shut the door Nate the artist comes to life.

Here is one of his creations I discovered on his pillow the other day. He wrote all of his loves. He documented the names of the three girls he likes and then he drew a baseball underneath their names. I found it extra sweet that his beloved blankey was right next to his work.




He was really proud of this next creation and he even told me a little story about it. “Look at my porcUpines, momma. See, there’s a mean one and a happy one. The mean one is named Nate. They’re my porcUpines.” I will always remember how adorable he sounded when he pronounced the word. His tiny voice, emphasizing the “u”. I can’t imagine him being the mean porcUpine – or, in fact, any porcUpine pronounced like that being mean.




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