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Her First Concert

24 Jan

She sings their songs behind her room’s closed door. She recognizes each voice when they have their solo time. She’s even used her boy dolls to pretend they are putting on a concert. (And those dolls can really do some gymnastic feats, especially when Nate is “performing” too.)

Both kids are big fans of the Nickelodeon music group, Big Time Rush. I even followed them on facebook so I would know if and when they were going to tour near us. After months of other seeing other cities schedule them, I finally heard they were going to be a part of an Atlanta radio station’s annual concert called Jingle Jam. Deciding that Nate was still too little for a school night show with other music groups he wouldn’t know, I only bought two tickets. (Nia asked to buy a special concert swag bracelet for her brother though. And of course, scored her first concert tee. Very cool.)

She was excited to be there but I thought she would be, well, a tad more excited. This is the point I determined she takes after her daddy when it comes to such things. My first concert (yes, New Kids on the Block) had me screaming and in tears. There were quite a few girls around us who were doing just that. My Nia¬†though, she just smiled and occasionally, quietly, sang along. I am impressed with her sophistication and restraint. Or maybe she was just so in awe of it all. Or too young yet…

Whatever it was, she was happy – and I only screamed once to show her it was ok to scream. She looked at me like I was goofy and then laughed. What can I say? Their songs are pretty catchy.

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