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Proud Music Moments

23 Mar

Driving a scenic route, windows down, wind flooding in as music pours out from the car. My dad sings and drums the steering wheel, enjoying every beat, riff and word. With a hand-surfing the air, I absorb the sights passing by us – trying to focus on the branches of trees.

His music is different from mine. I am a kid, listening to Top 40 hits and the boy band of my dreams. He is an adult, listening to music with meaning created by celebrated and respected artists.

I listened during those drives through. I heard the difference and took note.

The Beatles. Bob Dylan. Fleetwood Mac. Rush. Peter Gabriel. Genesis. Steve Winwood. Kate Bush. Tori Amos. The Traveling Wilburys.

Because of my dad, I learned how to appreciate music more. Really listen to it. He loves music and wanted to share his favorites. It made him so happy. I thank him for opening my ears and heart to it. I love that I’m able to know songs that others are surprised I know.

I hope to pass on the respect for other music to the kids, too. I put some Beach Boys, Elvis and early Madonna on Nia’s MP3 and it’s already paying off. She was recently able to recognize Elvis and the Beach Boys among a restaurant’s playlist.

Took me right back to young, hand-surfing, me.

Her First Concert

24 Jan

She sings their songs behind her room’s closed door. She recognizes each voice when they have their solo time. She’s even used her boy dolls to pretend they are putting on a concert. (And those dolls can really do some gymnastic feats, especially when Nate is “performing” too.)

Both kids are big fans of the Nickelodeon music group, Big Time Rush. I even followed them on facebook so I would know if and when they were going to tour near us. After months of other seeing other cities schedule them, I finally heard they were going to be a part of an Atlanta radio station’s annual concert called Jingle Jam. Deciding that Nate was still too little for a school night show with other music groups he wouldn’t know, I only bought two tickets. (Nia asked to buy a special concert swag bracelet for her brother though. And of course, scored her first concert tee. Very cool.)

She was excited to be there but I thought she would be, well, a tad more excited. This is the point I determined she takes after her daddy when it comes to such things. My first concert (yes, New Kids on the Block) had me screaming and in tears. There were quite a few girls around us who were doing just that. My Nia though, she just smiled and occasionally, quietly, sang along. I am impressed with her sophistication and restraint. Or maybe she was just so in awe of it all. Or too young yet…

Whatever it was, she was happy – and I only screamed once to show her it was ok to scream. She looked at me like I was goofy and then laughed. What can I say? Their songs are pretty catchy.

Littlest, Biggest David Cook Fans

15 Mar

Little David Cook Wannabe

11 Mar

Nate really loves to rock out to some David Cook.  He even recognizes him when he sees him on television.  Here’s a sample of how serious he gets when he’s belting it out –

Are you cool enough?

19 Jun

It’s 2 am and I’m at the hottest club right now.  You have to be on a guest list to get in and even then you could get turned away if you don’t meet certain requirements.

You must be wearing the faded boxer shorts you’ve had since high school.
You must be wearing the same shirt you’ve had on all day.
You must have your hair pulled back with your daughter’s hair rubberband.
You must be rocking out with earbuds in as you surf the internet for jobs you won’t ever apply for.

Yes, I’m a freakazoid and here is a sample of some of the sweet beats that have me wanting to get up and bust a move in my HOT boxers.



Kinda Cool

28 Nov

When I was pregnant with Nia, I used the pages from a desk calendar to write my letters to Andrew while he was overseas. That way, he would know what happened to his Lady and his Bean on any given day. I recently found the letters and read through them. On one of them, I told Andrew that while I was watching the Grammy’s, Bean was going nutso in my belly during the song “Clocks” by Coldplay. What makes this “kinda cool” is because she absolutely LOVED that song when she was a baby. Anytime she would cry or get fussy in the car, we would play “Clocks” and she would totally chill out as soon as she heard the opening piano.  We would play it over and over and over again. It’s a good thing Andrew and I both really like the song.

The power of music. Gotta love it.

Maybe I should change my taste in music?

17 May

More and more, Nia is learning the lyrics to songs that I like to jam to during the day.  While they are not the explicit versions, there’s still something in me that says maybe I shouldn’t listen to such things when she’s in earshot.  But then I remember singing things I shouldn’t have when I was little (Prince’s “Darling Nikki” for one) and not knowing what the heck I was saying.  I’m just a little worried that she’s going to break out in one of these songs while we’re in a church-like crowd or while she’s in the child watch at the YMCA.  I can just imagine the faces of the sweet, old ladies when she starts to rock.  What’s worse about it all is that I still think it’s hilariously adorable (and I actually encourage her to sing it as the video will show)!

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