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Behind the Wheel Wonderland

24 Nov

My drive to and from work should stink.  It’s 45 miles away and it takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to make the trip – one way.  It’s usually bumper to bumper, gas and brake and then gas and really brake the whole way.  Sometimes, I’m just stopped.  My car, stuck in the midst of four to six lanes of traffic, backed up for miles.

So, why doesn’t this suck?  Part of the reason is because I like heading toward my destinations.  I look forward to being at work and I look forward to being with the fam.

The other reason my drive doesn’t stink is magical and involves my CD player, the library and the ability to be taken to another world, while still paying attention to the road.  (Although I have missed a few of my turns from time to time.)

In the last month, I’ve listened to five audio books.  Right now, The Secret Life of Bees is calling my name and I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when I’ll start my car and the CD will pick up where it left off.  I’m not just listening to fiction either.  I’ve been educated by Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and some guy telling me about The Millionaire Next Door.

I love my books on CD!  My virtual library book bag is growing by the day and I’m shuffling through discs.  Even Andrew is putting requests in for books.  His all involve the deep stuff – politics, history and opinion.  My next one is much lighter – Marley and Me.  I’m sure it will make me laugh and cry and look like a total lunatic to the drivers stuck in the horrible traffic with me.  Their drive must stink.

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