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12 Apr

With only four commutes to Atlanta to go, a Rooms To Go truck got the best of me today.

If you know my driving history, it may be tough to believe I have maintained a relatively courteous and calm commute style – avoiding tailing others (when possible), allowing others (who properly use their blinkers) to merge in front of me and, unbelievably, not losing my temper at every jerkface driver I encounter. I actually adopted the reaction of smile and wave, but the shame-on-you mom head shake is another option that I enjoy and use frequently. (Also, giving a thumbs up while mouthing the words “You got real far, didn’t you?” as I pull beside someone at a red light who cut off a line of cars a few seconds earlier. For my added pleasure, I’ll throw in a hand clap of rub-it-in for them.)

But today, just two days before I break up with multiple bumper-to-bumper lanes of traff*ck, a Rooms To Go truck squeezed itself nearly on top of my Maxx to get in my, also not-moving, lane.

Well, my fierce middle finger couldn’t be controlled. It fired – and fired and fired. The truck’s driver saw it fire as I evasively merged in the other not-moving lane.

The driver must have thought he didn’t deserve such an ugly reaction so he began to honk at me. He kept pulling up beside my passenger side window and honking.

I never looked over. I did fire another middle digit at him – and a head shake. (Had to throw that one in.)

That’s when the next response happened. I sobbed. Uncontrollably. I sobbed for a good two miles which translates to 10 minutes for Atlanta traffic.

I was a mess but then I felt so much better after the tears stopped. In fact, I wanted to catch up to the driver and give him the signature, “I’m sorry” wave, complete with the “whoopsies” facial expression. (Didn’t happen.)

I guess I just needed the release. So, thanks for that Rooms To Go truck driver. However, I hope I don’t see you during my last three commutes.

The Next Adventure

31 Mar

You’re crazy. It will never happen.

That’s what I would’ve said if you told me I’d be driving 45 miles in two to six lanes of thick traffic twice a day to work on a website and understand HTML code.

I did it though. For four and a half years. Sometimes, my ride to work would take 90 minutes. Sometimes, my ride home would cost me the same time from that same day. Three hours, gone.

Lovely Atlanta Traffic

The job I was driving to and from was great. I loved it. It challenged me to try something different and I was proud to work for such a worthwhile organization – Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Even more, I worked with a wonderful team of people. I learned so much from them and I formed friendships I cherish. I also had an incredible manager. I have much respect for him and how he knows his area and helps others to understand. The team he leads is awesome – both in work ethic and talent – and I feel so special to have been a part of it. I will miss our lunches, “face time” at our cubes and meetings that often took a turn toward laughs and tangent conversations. (It was all a part of our creative process.)

Some of the Beloved Team

I am sad to leave but another opportunity closer to home is now in my future.

The job posting said Web Content Editor, Athens Regional Medical Center. Athens is just 25 miles away. A 30-minute drive. That title is my title at Children’s. I needed to try for it.

It only took about 30 minutes to apply online. I then went about my daily routine and checked on the status of the application just about every day. The day I didn’t, a few weeks after, I got the call that they wanted to interview me.

I felt good after the interview. I graded myself a B+ but I’m pretty hard on myself. My potential new boss was welcoming and nice. She described the position and I felt like it was perfect for me. It would be a lot more writing for me but other than that the position is what I’ve been doing – only much closer to home.

The second round of interviewing involved a project. I had to do an online campaign proposal that included rewriting and restructuring a web section. I turned it in feeling good about my ideas but nervous about how I formated the actual proposal.

I waited.

The call came. They wanted me. I cried, overflowing with mixed emotions and apprehension about leaving a place and people I love so much.

My last day – Friday the 13.

I will have Spring Break off with the kids and then I begin my new adventure. I’m excited about using my experience to help another not-for-profit hospital and know this distance is better for our family. I’m looking forward to my first day there but teary-eyed for my last. I will always hold the memories I made at Childrens’s dear to my heart – especially those laughs (there were a lot).

Loved This So

I have a full heart. Grateful for all I learned and the people I met (and will stay connected to) at Children’s. Grateful for the chance for a new challenge with another great organization.

Adventure awaits. (Just not the bumper-to-bumper kind.)


3 Jun

I’m learning to make the most of my often 90 minute (one-way) commute to and from work. Some of my entertainment includes:

  • Challenging myself to drive with my left foot instead of my right one. I made it half-way and then forgot and resorted back. It’s harder than it sounds.
  • Double-daring myself to drive without AC when the thermometer said 100. I did it but was sweat-y.
  • Successfully retrieving my water cup from the passenger floor after it fell. I’m proud of my wheel action to convince my cup to come closer…closer…
  • Singing, torso dancing and pointing at other cars. I really love people’s reactions.
  • Actually trying to win radio station contests. I got through a few times but was never the winning caller. Still felt victory though – I’ve experienced a ton of “try your call again” messages.
  • Creating stories in my head about the people I see in other cars. I’ve married some, beat up others and felt really bad for many more.
  • Taking off my pantyhose. It. Was. Necessary. They were control top.

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Behind the Wheel Wonderland

24 Nov

My drive to and from work should stink.  It’s 45 miles away and it takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to make the trip – one way.  It’s usually bumper to bumper, gas and brake and then gas and really brake the whole way.  Sometimes, I’m just stopped.  My car, stuck in the midst of four to six lanes of traffic, backed up for miles.

So, why doesn’t this suck?  Part of the reason is because I like heading toward my destinations.  I look forward to being at work and I look forward to being with the fam.

The other reason my drive doesn’t stink is magical and involves my CD player, the library and the ability to be taken to another world, while still paying attention to the road.  (Although I have missed a few of my turns from time to time.)

In the last month, I’ve listened to five audio books.  Right now, The Secret Life of Bees is calling my name and I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when I’ll start my car and the CD will pick up where it left off.  I’m not just listening to fiction either.  I’ve been educated by Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and some guy telling me about The Millionaire Next Door.

I love my books on CD!  My virtual library book bag is growing by the day and I’m shuffling through discs.  Even Andrew is putting requests in for books.  His all involve the deep stuff – politics, history and opinion.  My next one is much lighter – Marley and Me.  I’m sure it will make me laugh and cry and look like a total lunatic to the drivers stuck in the horrible traffic with me.  Their drive must stink.

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