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Shhh! Don’t tell Victoria!

20 Sep

I have a secret to share and it’s not for all to know.  Trust me.  You will not want to read past this sentence if you don’t want to hear about my new love of Target bras.

I’ve been a Victoria’s Secret shopper for as long as I’ve been able to pick out my pretty things by myself.  Now though, I’m loving me some Gilligan & O’Malley.  They are comfortable, pretty, flattering, easy to adjust and are much, much cheaper than my former fave.  (I got my G&O for $11.99 compared to the usual $35ish at VS.)

Now, I will still turn to my girl for the sexier things but as for the day to day, it’s Target all the way.  Even Consumer Reports says you should consider a Gilligan & O’Malley.  Their report was the reason I experimented and I feel so smart and economical now. Oh yeah, and uplifted if you know what I mean.

Bra Drawer Confessions

10 May

Yes, like the title says, this post is all about my bras.  It will not be obscene or perverted or erotic (well, not intentionally anyway).  Will it offer more information than some of you may care to know?  Well, if you don’t want to know why I feel the need to have five different sizes of bras then you probably have already read too much.

First there’s the 34B.  I remember this particular bra fondly.  It was my first sexy one.  I got it when I was in college and I had happy, young girls.  I tried this one the other day.  HA!  Very funny and very tight. So you’d think I would have tossed it, right?  Yeah, I tossed it.  Right back into the drawer.  What am I thinking?  I don’t even want to be that size anymore – not when I used to be a…

34C.  This is my proudest and biggest collection of bras.  I wore these during my last college years (I thank the pill!) and up until my first pregnancy pushed me into another size – I’ll get to those in a short paragraph.  Anyway, I still have maybe 5 of these tucked away with care.  I tried them on and it was quite pitiful.  They were also too tight around but the girls got lost in there.  The bras wanted to support something and I don’t have anything to offer them, yet I just can’t let them go.  A part of me (that part that still wants to weigh 125 or less) believes that maybe someday I’ll get to pull out the 34C’s and actually strut around in them again.  (Not that I ever really strutted in them but maybe I would if I got to wear them again.  Who knows, maybe I’d do a few flips and break it down or something.  Why not?  I think a crazy celebration would be in order.)

There’s two other C’s chillin’ in the drawer too.  The 36 and 38C’s came into my life after having the babies.  I think they were actually a little too small looking back on it.  Breast-feeding really accentuated the positive and I shouldn’t have kept them confined!  Oh yeah, as far as pregnancy and nursing bras go, they are not kept in my everyday bra drawer so I don’t count them on my “why in the world do I still have these” list. Besides, who knows what will happen – I might need those special ones again.  (Not that we are planning to need them again!)

That leads me to the present day ah-tah size.  I have no freakin’ clue.  I thought I read that breast-feeding was supposed to help keep the girls still in the ga-ga category.  HA!  What a crock. I even tried it with both babies thinking that it would improve matters.  (Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just do it because it was supposed to be best for the boobies, but of course, also because it’s supposed to best for the babies.)  All that information aside, I am now trying to manage a 36B.  It’s not my perfect size but it works ok.  You know, until my chest mysteriously grows overnight or until I go let some lady at Victoria’s Secret size me up and then, yet again, probably add another bra size to my stash.

So, was it good for you?


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