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Shhh! Don’t tell Victoria!

20 Sep

I have a secret to share and it’s not for all to know.  Trust me.  You will not want to read past this sentence if you don’t want to hear about my new love of Target bras.

I’ve been a Victoria’s Secret shopper for as long as I’ve been able to pick out my pretty things by myself.  Now though, I’m loving me some Gilligan & O’Malley.  They are comfortable, pretty, flattering, easy to adjust and are much, much cheaper than my former fave.  (I got my G&O for $11.99 compared to the usual $35ish at VS.)

Now, I will still turn to my girl for the sexier things but as for the day to day, it’s Target all the way.  Even Consumer Reports says you should consider a Gilligan & O’Malley.  Their report was the reason I experimented and I feel so smart and economical now. Oh yeah, and uplifted if you know what I mean.

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