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Summer Camp – Week Two

6 Jun

The second week of summer camp was a shortened one with Memorial Day off, Nate at baseball camp for part of one day and a Daddy’s Day Off on Friday – but the kids still brought home some art for us to admire. The theme for the week was “Things Outside.” When I asked Nia what she learned about, her response was, “I don’t know.” How fascinating. I did get a few nuggets of wisdom from her involving her art:


"Stick bugs look weird but I already knew that."


"These are sail-man hats." She made hers at camp but then came home and made me a special one. Extra awesome.

Nate brought home one of his drawings and he asked me to, “Find the wasp, Mommy.” I felt so bad as I pointed at just about everything on the paper, never once hitting the wasp. He laughed at my silliness because he just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t see that wasp.


Betcha can't find the wasp in Nate's drawing. Nope. That's not it.

They may not be retaining everything they learn while at summer camp but it seems this fish’s face sums up the time they are having there.


Love Nia's Happy Face Hand Fish

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