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Thankful for Lady Gaga

24 Jan

She is nice to him and he bashfully describes her as pretty. She stole his heart on a day near Halloween when she walked in his class dressed up as a Kindergarten (G-rated) Lady Gaga.

Nate was so enamored with Little Gaga that he announced to the class during a Thanksgiving lesson that he is most thankful for her. (His teacher emailed me about the sweetness.)

Turns out, the feeling is mutual. Her mom tells me that she “just loves Nate” and that she recently put him as no. 89 in her “Favorite 100 Things” book because there are 89 different reasons she likes him. She also saves every drawing Nate gives her and has them hanging in her room. This one was the first:


Nate will reassure us that they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. “I’m too young for that,” he maturely states and then turns his head down to the side to hide his grin.

I smile too, remembering a note to her that said, “I love you because you are nice to me.” So pure. So important. Such a beautiful reason to love someone. I hope he always thinks about that when it comes to his future “real” girlfriends. Loving the inside as much as the Lady Gaga.

All for Her

26 Jul

He picks out his clothes for school based off what she’d like. (“I want to wear my Braves shirt because she likes the Braves.”)

He also dresses to impress her.  (“I’m gonna wear my fast pants to show her how fast I run in them.”)

He draws pictures for her and no one else.  (I asked for one and he said no.)

It seems our baby boy is smitten with a little girl at his school. While I think it’s adorable and I approve of the young lady (Nia says she is her best friend at Nate’s school), I just worry about this part – he told us they have “sneaked” a smooch.

Now, Andrew and I told him all that we are supposed to tell him as parents about this. He’s too young to be smooching anyone, it’s not proper to do such things at his age or in school and he’ll get germs.  (No, not cooties! Germs! Well, I guess there’s really not a difference, huh?) I even said that I didn’t think her parents would like that and that he could get in trouble at school. Nia then added, “I don’t even do that and I’m older!”

Maybe we’re over-reacting, I don’t know. I just want him to be respectful and not feel like it’s ok to plant one on others whenever he wants. I suppose I also want him to stay little and unknowing of such things for as long as possible.

As a compromise, I told him no more sneaking and no more smooching but that he could give her a hug. I actually think I like Nia’s idea better though. She suggested he just blow her a kiss.

The Cute Boy with the Cool Jacket

21 Feb

Nia was all smiles today when I picked her up from pre-school. You see, there is a new student in her class. His name is John.

I saw this John as I was waiting in the car line to get Nia. He walked out with her and their teacher and Nia was walking on her tiptoes, flashing her sweetest pretty princess smile.

She ballet-stepped her way into the car and immediately asked, “Momma, did you see John?  He’s the new boy I told you about. Did you see him? He runs fast. He’s a faster runner than me. I like his jacket. It has a map on it. It’s a cool jacket … ”  (It was a bomber style jacket and I’ll have to admit did look pretty cool.)

All I could do was smile and say a good bit of “uh-huhs” as she went on and on a mile a minute about John. I found out that he helped her clean up the kitchen set and that he sits at a different table and that he is nice and funnier than Will (another boy in her class) but he can also be shy. After all of that though, I still didn’t know what she really thought of him.

“So Nia, do you think John’s cute?”

“Ah (smiling) yeah!  John is cute.”

“Oh yeah? So you really like him huh?”

“Ah, (smiling bigger) I guess …  I think he likes me though.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because he helped me clean up the kitchen.”

OH! If it were only that simple! Our sweet Nia. I can’t believe how quickly she is becoming such a little miss. I just hope she will always be this open with me about boys! (Although I’m sure her daddy will disagree with me on that!)

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