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Let’s Do This Thing!

23 Nov

So, I’ve decided to be one of the crazies tomorrow and try to save a few dollars during those ridiculous “Doorbuster!” sales.  I’m planning on sneaking out of the house around 4:30 am while the kids and Andrew stay warm and cozy in bed.

I don’t have my hopes up or any expectations of actually getting the item I want that’s on sale – I’m just going to go there and be as mellow as I possibly can be and maybe even have a good laugh or two watching other people freak out over toys or electronics.   If I get what I wanted then cool.  If not, then at least I was entertained.

It will be the first time I ever witnessed the insanity of the “Morning After” in person.  I always just watched it on television (mostly through the newscasts I produced).  I remember having a range of opinions about what I saw.  Those people are nuts.  It kind of looks like fun.  Is it really worth it?  They were in line at what time?

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow  – dark and way too early in the morning!


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