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I Fell in Love with Friday Night Lights

10 Feb

And now, I only have my memories, repeats and DVDs to cherish.

We watched the last episode of Friday Night Lights tonight and I laughed – I wanted to be included in the conversation – I sat jaw-dropped – I felt the reality – I praised the beautifully shot scenes and I cried –  just like I do while becoming absorbed in every episode.

Was it a perfect show during its five seasons? The best? (This critic says it’s one of the “finest drama series in television history.”) I’m not sure I can really label any tv show that way. I just know how it made me feel. It hooked me from the start and never let me down. It captured bits of life that I have never seen on another show. One scene I vividly remember showed Coach and Tami hugging in their room and then they started swaying/dancing and the camera quickly showed us their feet. She had been standing on his. I loved that. They captured something so real and the characters never drew attention to it. They just swayed and talked. It was precious to me.

I’m almost kind of proud that many people didn’t love the show like I did because it makes it more heartfelt for me. I loved something not because everyone else did – but because I did. I’m happy, though, for those who did give it a chance and kept it alive. (Thanks, DirecTV!)  I called the characters by their last names like they did to each other and I’m not ashamed that I actually thought about the lines the writers had Coach Taylor say. (A recent one about building character will stay with me.) I don’t think you have to like football to appreciate this show. The characters, writing, shots and directing take it well beyond a show about football. (Although, there is a lot of football in it!)

Dillon, Texas. It was a pleasure to visit that small town and root for (or sometimes curse out) its people in every episode. I will miss it.

“Clear eyes, full hearts …”

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