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I Fell in Love with Friday Night Lights

10 Feb

And now, I only have my memories, repeats and DVDs to cherish.

We watched the last episode of Friday Night Lights tonight and I laughed – I wanted to be included in the conversation – I sat jaw-dropped – I felt the reality – I praised the beautifully shot scenes and I cried –  just like I do while becoming absorbed in every episode.

Was it a perfect show during its five seasons? The best? (This critic says it’s one of the “finest drama series in television history.”) I’m not sure I can really label any tv show that way. I just know how it made me feel. It hooked me from the start and never let me down. It captured bits of life that I have never seen on another show. One scene I vividly remember showed Coach and Tami hugging in their room and then they started swaying/dancing and the camera quickly showed us their feet. She had been standing on his. I loved that. They captured something so real and the characters never drew attention to it. They just swayed and talked. It was precious to me.

I’m almost kind of proud that many people didn’t love the show like I did because it makes it more heartfelt for me. I loved something not because everyone else did – but because I did. I’m happy, though, for those who did give it a chance and kept it alive. (Thanks, DirecTV!)  I called the characters by their last names like they did to each other and I’m not ashamed that I actually thought about the lines the writers had Coach Taylor say. (A recent one about building character will stay with me.) I don’t think you have to like football to appreciate this show. The characters, writing, shots and directing take it well beyond a show about football. (Although, there is a lot of football in it!)

Dillon, Texas. It was a pleasure to visit that small town and root for (or sometimes curse out) its people in every episode. I will miss it.

“Clear eyes, full hearts …”

I used to write a sex column…

17 Jul

so why am I such a prude and conservative when it comes to certain things? Those things all involve the upbringing of children in the areas of sex and violence.

Let’s start with what sells – sex. It’s fantastic, right? Talking about it, thinking about it, watching it, having it. Great stuff, that sex. I just am finding it difficult to deal with how even the most common children’s cartoons demonstrate sexual attraction. What Nate is learning by watching these cartoons is that when he sees a pretty lady he’s supposed to call her hot, whistle, pop his eyes out of his head, make that arooga noise and pant. I know male cartoon characters have been portrayed like that since before our parents were kids but I find it, well, STUPID. I can tell Nate, it’s not the best idea to act that way when you see a beautiful girl but if popular culture says it’s ok, does my small voice matter?

The same is true for violence or how anger is handled on tv, movies, music or even during a skit at a baseball game. Someone make you mad? Give ’em a knuckle sandwich, push them down, kick ’em where it counts, play a nasty trick on them and call them names the whole time. I counter with a, “That’s not nice, is it? Here’s what you should do instead…” But again, how long will my voice win over what they continually see as acceptable behavior? Heck, sometimes the fighting is cheered. Yay! Go get ’em!

I find myself even having to correct commercials now. For example, it’s not nice to stick your tongue out at people. Right? This mom says so and it took some time for us to get that through to Nate. When we finally did, what do we see? A mini-van commercial where a little boy outsmarts some other kids then sticks his tongue out at them. That little tongue-sticker-outer is the “good” kid. Great.

It is my responsibility to raise my children to the best of my ability. I take that on wholeheartedly. I do not expect movies, cartoons, commercials or songs to teach my children proper behavior and I don’t want to shelter my children from them. I just wish they didn’t contradict me all the time. I guess my cartoon would be pretty boring.

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