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Like I meant to do it!

12 Jun

Me: Dressed up for Nia’s graduation, high heels and all.

Nia: Walking behind me as we head to the car.

Stairs:  My arch enemy within our house.

Me:  Bent over in pain after falling forward down the steps, being defeated by them once again.

Nia:  “Why did you fall down the stairs Momma?”

Me:  Smiling through the pain I reply as nicely as I can, “Well, I didn’t mean to Sweets.”

What “Me” wanted to say:  “Oh, I don’t know, I just wanted to see how badly I could hurt myself this time and what ridiculous position I would end up in when I reached the bottom.”

Seriously though, I fall down/up the stairs so often, Andrew says he wants to install one of those chairs that run along the side of the wall. Aren’t I so lucky?  He wants to make sure I don’t hurt myself again.  Or maybe he just doesn’t want to pay the hospital bill..

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