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Minding your own beeswax doesn’t work

29 Jun

Poor little man.  There he was (minding his own beeswax), taking a dip in the pool, when a bee decided to interrupt his fun day in the sun.

We never saw it coming.  He and I were watching Nia walk to our chair to get her floatie-arms and the next thing I know, Nate was screaming out in pain.  The bee got him right between his shoulder and his neck which is pretty amazing being that all of his floatie gear leaves very little skin exposed.

I never thought I would purposefully touch any bee but my motherly emotions took over and I actually grabbed that pesky mofo with my fingers and tossed it in anger.  I really didn’t know what to do next, but I saw that the stinger was still in Nate’s skin so I squeezed around the area to work it out.

Nate cried all the way around the pool as we rushed to get medicine from the lifeguard.  He kept saying so pitifully, “Bee did it.  Bee did it.”

It was heartbreaking.  After the initial pain of it all, Nate was just fine and actually faked a sad face when he later told his daddy what happened.  “Bee did it Daddy,” as he pointed to his boo-boo, “Bee did it.”

Like I meant to do it!

12 Jun

Me: Dressed up for Nia’s graduation, high heels and all.

Nia: Walking behind me as we head to the car.

Stairs:  My arch enemy within our house.

Me:  Bent over in pain after falling forward down the steps, being defeated by them once again.

Nia:  “Why did you fall down the stairs Momma?”

Me:  Smiling through the pain I reply as nicely as I can, “Well, I didn’t mean to Sweets.”

What “Me” wanted to say:  “Oh, I don’t know, I just wanted to see how badly I could hurt myself this time and what ridiculous position I would end up in when I reached the bottom.”

Seriously though, I fall down/up the stairs so often, Andrew says he wants to install one of those chairs that run along the side of the wall. Aren’t I so lucky?  He wants to make sure I don’t hurt myself again.  Or maybe he just doesn’t want to pay the hospital bill..

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