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Found: Sweet Memories

1 Aug

Colorful Clues

Tiny, colorful pieces of paper tucked in secret places around the house and extremely giddy children and their Lola have welcomed Andrew and me home over the past week of work. It has been a hilarious way to separate our job and commuting from family time and leave it all behind. For while Andrew and I were in our cubes at the office, the kids and Lola were giggling while writing out scavenger hunt directions (“Go to the beer closet.” “Go to the Lola’s toilit.”) on paper they would soon slip into the porch swing, picture frames, dog cage, shower…

Lola got the wonderful idea from her friend, Sandy, and she loved every minute of it. She especially loved hearing the laughs of the children and our reaction as we all hunted.

They hid the clues so well around the house that I would walk right by them before starting the game and not even notice them. They were everywhere. Upstairs, downstairs, outside. The kids had us going up, down, left, right over and over again and they screamed and laughed and ran around the whole time. During one hunt, Andrew and I raced each other. He searched for his dad clues and I looked for the ones labeled mom. I was still in my fancy polka-dotted dress from work. The dog followed us, barking at the frenzy. Andrew and Nate may have won (due to dog interference, I must add) but really we all won. The memories are a treasure – plus – each scavenger hunt ended with a special sweet direction to us like, “Let’s get ice cream” or “Let’s bake something sweet.” Smartest and sweetest scavenger hunts ever!


Treasure Found


Sweet Scavenger Hunt

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Nate and Seek

16 Nov

He hides his eyes and counts (“fa, fov, fa, fov”).

He takes off running in search of his big sister.

He’s nowhere close to finding her but then she makes a noise to help him.  (Such a good big sis.)

He goes running toward the noise and screams “Air e is!”

It’s now his turn to hide.

He immediately “hides” right where Nia was hiding – the whole time wearing a huge smile on his face.

Nia counts and says “Ready or not, here I come!”

Nate runs out of where he was “hiding” and yells “Air e is!”


Memory Queen

23 Jul

Her stack is bigger than mine


We don’t even let her win!  I actually try really hard to get more “Memory” cards but she wins almost every time!  It’s pretty amazing watching her sweep the table – taking pair after pair.

She’s addicted to playing.  In the morning, “Wanna play “Membory”?  In the afternoon, “Wanna play “Membory”?  A few minutes after that, “Wanna play “Membory”?  Before dinner, “Wanna play “Membory”?  Recently, our good friends from home (West Virginia home) came to visit us and experienced the round-the-clock “Membory” marathon that I endure.  She had Julie playing any chance she could.  (Thanks Julie! You’re a real team player!)

So far, Nia’s a super good sport about losing too.  “That’s okay Momma.  Maybe you’ll just win next time.”

I doubt it.

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