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It’s Valles, not Valles

26 Jun

Today, I got what looks like great coupons from Target.  The problem is – I can’t read them.  They’re in Spanish and there is no English translation.

It’s not the first time someone thought we were Hispanic because of our last name. Even Monica thought we were when she first met us and she is an English as a Second Language teacher!  I called her and told her she needs to read me the restrictions because I could tell by the pictures of the products that I might want to use a few of them!

Andrew says I should go in and talk all redneck – asking if I could still use ’em being that I don’t habla Espanol and all.

Oh, if you don’t get what the title of the blog is about, click here.  Andrew and I think this Saturday Night Live skit is pretty funny.

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