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Recital Night Notes

12 Jun

After three years of being an unofficial dance mom, you’d think I’d have the tricks for a double recital (about 8 hours in performance mode) down a little better. These are some of my notes from this year to help me for next:

  • Many moms use clothing racks to wheel all their child’s costumes and keep them crisp and easy to sort through during the quick changes. I use one hanger. One hanger for four costumes, a t-shirt and shorts. I’m thinking about getting a rack if Nia’s costume supply grows. Also, if for nothing else, to reserve our spot in the dressing room. Which brings me to the next thing …
  • Racks are the boss. I had Nia’s costumes and accessories all nicely waiting in a small spot near her other dancing buds. I got there earlier than half the room to make sure I’d have a space because I stress about this. I get anxious. (I’m weird about crowds and having an area to work.) Well, a mom who was armed with a rack big enough for three girls’ fancies parked right in front of Nia’s things. I got a little flustered but handled it as “me” as I could. “Um, excuse me. Let me just grab our things … (mumble) that were already here and ready to go …” I probably still won’t get a rack but even if I did, I wouldn’t use it to shove others around.
  • I missed the memo about good snack ideas. Pringles seem to be the chip of choice. I’m thinking it has to do with the tube to prevent crumbs during transit and dressing turmoil. Nia didn’t seem to mind that she was pretty much the only one without the tube of salty crunchies. After all, I couldn’t find Pringles dill pickle chips. I just dumped the dill pickle chips I did have in a plastic container. Voilá. My version of the tube. I will remember grapes and cheese squares next year though. Chippies make for a great mood changer treat but healthy is best!
  • Kind of in line with moods, baby wipes are a must next year for erasing makeup smudges after the very tired performer understandably gets emotional because “I need more lipstick!” or “People are stepping on my blanket!” or “My feet hurt!” (Nia held it together without tears but I want to be prepared.) The outbursts I did witness are quite comical to me because they are usually over nothing and the drama is so overboard only the Coast Guard with a helicopter rope could rescue it from sinking. Or maybe chips …
  • I need to remember slippers and a robe or a wrap to help with Nia’s privacy concerns and comfort.
  • For goodness sakes mom (me) remember the dang body spray glitter! All the girls sparkle with it and it seems like the amount of glitter on both mom and daughter the next morning is directly related to amount of fun had the night before.
  • Bring the makeup remover with us so Nia doesn’t look like an underage college student after a night of hitting bars that don’t card. Also, to help keep her eyes from swelling shut due to sensitivity to the stuff that shouldn’t be on her face yet. Remove it ASAP!
  • This one I don’t really have to remind myself about but I want to always remember that in the craziness of the night, keep my smile and let the happy tears fall, cherishing these years of watching her grow into a young lady. I love being able to give her special one-on-one attention and praise. I want to always be her biggest fan and source of encouragement – and, of course, ready with her emergency dance chips.

What I’ve Learned So Far

10 Sep

Wednesday marks my first full week back on the job and so far I’ve noticed a few things:

  • No matter how early I wake up, I still can’t leave on time.
  • Radio personalities and their opinions/statements/conversations annoy the hell out of me.
  • I really, really like coffee.
  • I’m so lucky to have Andrew as my “baby daddy.”  Because I have to leave before the kids wake up, he takes care of everything each morning.  Not only does he get himself ready, but then he wakes them up, makes their breakfasts, gets them ready, makes Nia’s lunch, fixes Nia’s hair in the cutest (and tightest) little pony tail, scoots her out the door while loading Nate in his car seat, watches her board the bus, takes Nate to school and then has to deal with Nate being kind of sad to see him go.  He also makes it all seem like no big deal.  He’s my favorite.
  • I must find a shoes that don’t murder my feet (but still look cute).
  • Nate has already learned so much, including using the potty more and more.
  • I am loving to use my brain again, both socially and creatively.
  • I am quickly running out of outfits.
  • I still need my mommy.  After 15 minutes, I still couldn’t safety pin my low cut shirt without having the pin slightly visible.
  • I have to invest in stronger deodorant until I learn to be less nervous.  It’s not that I schtank or anything, it’s that I have a giant problem with giant pit marks.  Not fun to try and hide all day long.
  • Antibacterial cleaning wipes are your friend.  (My computer really needs a wipe down.)
  • Eating out is lots of fun and tasty but I miss being able to save that money and calories!
  • It doesn’t matter what time I leave from home or work, I’m still going to hit multiple rows of bumper to bumper traffic on Interstate 85.
  • Now that I am falling asleep earlier and earlier, I need to become more picky in our television show selection.
  • Andrew has shown me yet another way he’s a keeper.  He irons all my work clothes!  (I feel so spoiled!)
  • I’m having a blast!


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