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What I’ve Learned So Far

10 Sep

Wednesday marks my first full week back on the job and so far I’ve noticed a few things:

  • No matter how early I wake up, I still can’t leave on time.
  • Radio personalities and their opinions/statements/conversations annoy the hell out of me.
  • I really, really like coffee.
  • I’m so lucky to have Andrew as my “baby daddy.”  Because I have to leave before the kids wake up, he takes care of everything each morning.  Not only does he get himself ready, but then he wakes them up, makes their breakfasts, gets them ready, makes Nia’s lunch, fixes Nia’s hair in the cutest (and tightest) little pony tail, scoots her out the door while loading Nate in his car seat, watches her board the bus, takes Nate to school and then has to deal with Nate being kind of sad to see him go.  He also makes it all seem like no big deal.  He’s my favorite.
  • I must find a shoes that don’t murder my feet (but still look cute).
  • Nate has already learned so much, including using the potty more and more.
  • I am loving to use my brain again, both socially and creatively.
  • I am quickly running out of outfits.
  • I still need my mommy.  After 15 minutes, I still couldn’t safety pin my low cut shirt without having the pin slightly visible.
  • I have to invest in stronger deodorant until I learn to be less nervous.  It’s not that I schtank or anything, it’s that I have a giant problem with giant pit marks.  Not fun to try and hide all day long.
  • Antibacterial cleaning wipes are your friend.  (My computer really needs a wipe down.)
  • Eating out is lots of fun and tasty but I miss being able to save that money and calories!
  • It doesn’t matter what time I leave from home or work, I’m still going to hit multiple rows of bumper to bumper traffic on Interstate 85.
  • Now that I am falling asleep earlier and earlier, I need to become more picky in our television show selection.
  • Andrew has shown me yet another way he’s a keeper.  He irons all my work clothes!  (I feel so spoiled!)
  • I’m having a blast!


The Chronicles of the Unemployed

17 Jul

Week One:

  • Worry about money but then buy bread, milk and $5 in lottery tickets during an emergency grocery store run. (I just needed beer and diapers to round out the unemployed stereotype.  Oh yeah, and I just won another losing ticket.)
  • Take the kids swimming at the YMCA since we’ve already paid up for the month.
  • Canceled all unnecessary monthly expenses.
  • Play tennis and talk about taking lessons because what else do we have to do while we wait for people to call us back about jobs and maybe we should really be treating this like a nice paid vacation since we know we’ll be fine and get some sort of job anyway.

Week Two:

  • Get frustrated because the only people calling us for jobs are insurance companies and fishy marketing companies.
  • Play more tennis.
  • Check email by the half hour for possible job opportunities.
  • Tell ourselves people probably won’t contact us this week because it’s the week of July 4th and most of them are on vacation.
  • Begin a great time with our friends Julie and Chris.  They provide plenty of laughs and confidence boosting!
  • Prepared for our garage sale that was planned prior to the job loss.  Now though, it’s for more than just spending money.

Week Three:

  • You guessed it.  Play tennis. (We’re actually getting pretty good!)
  • Get excited after two legitimate companies express interest in Andrew.  One sets up a phone interview and a recruiter for the other (CSX!) called him after finding his resume online.
  • Went shopping for job interview attire with Julie and Nia “just in case.”  So far, there’s no need to remove the tags.
  • Hoped garage sale would make a lot of money for us but we only made 10% of what we could have.  Planning to have another in a few months.
  • Took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese and had a blast!  We’re pretty sure the $30 spent there won’t hurt us in the long run.  Besides, it was worth it!
  • Take Andrew’s business suit and shirts to the dry cleaners.  Stress because I told the lady heavy starch but somehow she convinced me I wanted light starch.  Will the lack of starch cost Andrew a job?!

Week Four:

  • Feel a sense of comfort when Andrew’s parents arrive for a week long visit.
  • Become bummed because no one is calling me for a job. I’ve applied for 10 positions but none in TV news. I’m just not going there until I really have to go there.  It seems that may happen pretty soon.
  • Andrew has a great phone interview with a company and they tell him they want him to meet all the big bosses for another interview. The only problem – it’s an hour and a half away from our house.  We’re not writing it off yet but yikes!
  • Another round of tennis for the budding stars.
  • Andrew prepares for an upcoming hiring conference which is how he got his first job out of the military at Best Buy.  Basically, head hunters arrange for a bunch of Fortune 500 companies to interview former military members and you’re pretty much guaranteed a job offer.  Fingers crossed for that!
  • Andrew and I go bowling and had the best time. It doesn’t get any better than two pitchers of beer, 3 games of bowling, my 5 strikes, some skee ball and a dangerous bout of air hockey. A memory I will hold close to my heart forever.
  • Waiting and hoping as we make the most of our time together.



10 Jul

Our Winder friends are moving.  We’ve grown really close to Monica, Steven, Sofi and Will over these past 8 months and it really hasn’t fully hit me yet. Steven was offered a great job near the Georgia/Florida line and will be moving there in 3 weeks.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for them and I am genuinely happy for them but the selfish side of me is super sad. I just can’t imagine living in this city without them.  They’re the reason I joined the Y, went to story hour at the library and basically survived during the weekdays since we’ve been here.  It’s been really hard to try to explain it to Nia too.  She still has pictures of her Savannah friends on display in her room – she still asks me when she’s going to get to see them.  How am I supposed to tell her that she’s losing another buddy?

What’s even more sad about the whole thing is I don’t know if we’ll stay close after they move.  I’d like to hope we’ll still talk on the phone and try to see each other – but I don’t know…

Some friends you can pick right up where you left off even after you haven’t talked/seen each other in months or even years.  Some friends you think of during the stupidest of moments or the most serious of moments and you know they would totally understand what you’re going through right then.  The two of you are so close that you never have to worry about what you say – you know that no matter what they are going to love you and be there for you.  You just know you are supposed to be friends.

As I grow up, I’ve come to realize that those good friends are hard to find and if you are lucky enough to find them – you need to do all you can to make sure distance, time or a disagreement don’t keep you apart.  Love ya pals!


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