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A Love All His Own

11 Jul

It’s hard not to pass on your love of something to your children. The same applies for your dislike of something. For example, I loved Disney movies growing up and I still do. I’m sure it played a part of Nia’s love for them. I am not a fan of the Bratz dolls. That’s probably why Nia only has two of them compared to her entire toy store aisle amount of Barbies. Andrew and I enjoyed collecting the Thomas trains for Nate. It was inevitable that it would lead to Nate’s love for the cheeky engine. There’s pretty much only one love that we didn’t pass down to our kids, Nate’s passion for baseball.

His Favorite

The little man loves this sport and it’s all his own doing. He watches it on tv. He acts like he’s pitching, catching and hitting without a ball. He wants to play all the time. He actually intensely watches the players when we take him to a game. He proudly states that he’s going to play for the Gwinnett Braves when he grows up. (He doesn’t quite understand yet that he may want to shoot for the Major League team but that’s ok.) He mimics the real players in his stances, head tilts, wind up and hat adjustment.

The only part of Nate’s passion that Andrew did influence is his love/hate for certain teams. Because Andrew’s favorite team is the Orioles, Nate loves the Orioles. Because Andrew detests the Yankees, Nate boos the Yankees. Hey, why not? The boy needs some guidance.

It’s the little things…

21 May

I love it when:

  • I wake up on time.
  • Nia and Nate wake up in great moods and spoil me with big hugs.
  • I can take a shower in peace without having to hurry.
  • Andrew is off or home from work.
  • Both Nate and I enjoy our trip to the Y.
  • I cook something that everyone likes! (I’ll have to write about our tiny critic later!)
  • Nia colors and draws pictures.
  • I only have to break up one or two sibling spats a day.
  • Andrew cracks my back.
  • I get to spend time/talk with our faraway family.
  • I get to hang out or chat with my buddies.
  • I hear Nia/Nate singing.
  • Andrew wants chicken wings for dinner.
  • The scale says what I want it to say.
  • I get to watch my favorite shows on tv.
  • A song I like comes on the radio/tv and I can actually listen to it.
  • I see a Starbucks and resist the tasty temptation.
  • I see a Starbucks and give in to the tasty temptation.
  • I spend less than $100 during my weekly grocery store visit.
  • I can get in and out of the grocery store without feeling like I’ve lost my mind.
  • Nate cuddles with me during story/tv time.
  • Nia helps her little brother.
  • Nate says new words.  (He’s getting there!)
  • I hear the kids laughing.
  • I get to write about something sweet the kids did or the happiness they made me feel.


Blankey Shares the Love

1 Nov

It seems Nate’s beloved blankey now has a little competition.

We bought Nate this hat at a Savannah Sand Gnats game back when he was just a baby.  Andrew found it the other day and handed to Nate.  From there it was hat history.

Loves His Hat

Hat Head

He wanted it on his noggin all day long.  While he ate.  While he played.  While we carved pumpkins.  While we changed diapers.  He even refused to part with it during his nap time.  I would tell him, “Okay Nate.  It’s time to say night-night to your hat.”  He would scream, “NO! Hat! Hat! Hat!”  He was heartbroken so I gave in – I mean what kind of harm would it do to let him sleep with the hat in his crib?  He was so comforted when I gave it back to him.  He laid right down on his pile of blankeys and put his thumb in his mouth – all the while holding on tight to “hat.”

Andrew thinks I’m a big meanie head but I’ve since put “hat” out of sight so it will hopefully stay out of mind.  I just don’t want to have to struggle with the emotional ups and downs that “hat” can create.  I think it’s adorable and all but I just don’t want “hat” to be yet another thing I have to lug around with me.  I already have to carry two blankeys with us wherever we go (plus the angry man)!

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