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What are you passionate about?

23 Aug

I was asked that question recently and I couldn’t answer it. Besides the obvious (and natural) answer of family and friends – I couldn’t think of anything else. I mean, I like a whole bunch of things but I’m not sure I really have a passion for any of them.

Some people are passionate about a cause. I don’t really have one. I’ve always been pretty wishy-washy. My heart strings are pulled over and over again but they are not tied to on any one cause.

I’m certainly not passionate about politics. Don’t get me started.

Some people are passionate about sports. I don’t play any. I run but I would not say I’m passionate about running. Most days, I whine and drag my feet before forcing myself out the door.

Books? I don’t have the awake-time for them.

I’d like to say I’m passionate about writing but I don’t do much with it. I write here and there with the hope of writing more. I just don’t have the initiative or the courage to push it too far. Passion fizzled.

I guess I just felt lacking after the question forced me to review myself because I wasn’t able to answer right away. Am I lazy? Does it mean I don’t care enough? Am I putting too much meaning on the word “passionate”?

Can you answer the question? What are you passionate about?

Nia and “Selena”

21 Aug

Selena Gomez (an actress on Disney Channel’sWizards of Waverly Place“) has cast a cute spell on our little girl. Nia loves her show and her music and is now even calling one of her other dolls, Selena. I just wanted to capture all that has been Nia and Selena over the past week.

Selena comes with us on errands or entertainment outings. She came with us to the movies and sat next to Nia on the arm of the chair – enjoying “Ramona and Beezus.”

Selena is the music artist of choice anytime we are in the car.

Selena joins us for breakfast. (Finally, someone is eating slower than Nia!) She was served a pancake and a smoothie. Mysteriously, she made a happy plate and cup.

A Love All His Own

11 Jul

It’s hard not to pass on your love of something to your children. The same applies for your dislike of something. For example, I loved Disney movies growing up and I still do. I’m sure it played a part of Nia’s love for them. I am not a fan of the Bratz dolls. That’s probably why Nia only has two of them compared to her entire toy store aisle amount of Barbies. Andrew and I enjoyed collecting the Thomas trains for Nate. It was inevitable that it would lead to Nate’s love for the cheeky engine. There’s pretty much only one love that we didn’t pass down to our kids, Nate’s passion for baseball.

His Favorite

The little man loves this sport and it’s all his own doing. He watches it on tv. He acts like he’s pitching, catching and hitting without a ball. He wants to play all the time. He actually intensely watches the players when we take him to a game. He proudly states that he’s going to play for the Gwinnett Braves when he grows up. (He doesn’t quite understand yet that he may want to shoot for the Major League team but that’s ok.) He mimics the real players in his stances, head tilts, wind up and hat adjustment.

The only part of Nate’s passion that Andrew did influence is his love/hate for certain teams. Because Andrew’s favorite team is the Orioles, Nate loves the Orioles. Because Andrew detests the Yankees, Nate boos the Yankees. Hey, why not? The boy needs some guidance.

A Little Boy and His Shoes

10 Mar

I wanted to get him a pair of navy blue or maybe tan/brown sneakers.  Ones that would go well with a majority of his clothes.  I’m not a fan of the crazy colored shoes or the ones with cartoon characters.

None of what I like or want mattered after seeing Nate’s reaction to these –

Special Shoes

He was so excited – smiling ear to ear, saying “Thomas Train!” over and over again.  We bought them and he carried the bag out of the store like a big boy.  Carrying them didn’t last long though.  Why do that when he could wear them and continue to point out his “Thomas Trains” as we walked from store to store?  It actually became a pretty awesome mood changer too.  When he would start to get fussy Andrew would ask, “Nate, where’s Thomas?”  That’s all it took.  Immediate happiness. I’m not sure how long it will last but I will certainly use the power of the shoe for as long as I can!

He even wants to wear them over his footy pajamas while he sleeps!  No, we didn’t let him curl up next to his dirty trains.  No, instead, we let him sleep with a hard plastic pull-toy Thomas Train that plays music.  When Andrew went to check on him before we went to sleep last night, he was hugging it.  His precious blankey (or “kay-kay” as he calls it) was way at the bottom of the crib.  We couldn’t believe it!

I’m Gonna Copy Too!

4 Oct
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