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So Emotional

6 Oct

He can go from extreme tears to hysterical laughter in just seconds. Especially, if I ask him to stop playing baseball for a few of those seconds to pose for a picture.

"I don't want to take a picTURE."

From Mr. Whiney Pants to Mr. Laughy Pants

Can I play baseball now?


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30 Mar

Warning: The entry you’re about to read contains whining and bitching. If you are not in the mood for misery stop reading here and wait for a new “normal” Nicole entry.

If you are still reading then let me say I warned you.  Since you are still reading you might be wondering why I feel the need to let you all know about the yuck I’m feeling.  I guess it’s because I’m trying to get rid of it and I thought venting about it might help.  We’ll see…

For no known specific reason I’ve been feeling really cranky and down these past two days and it’s not even “that time”.  My typically short temper is even more short and I feel awful because Nia is getting the worst of my mood because she’s been testing me with unusually bratty behavior.  I feel like I’m yelling at her/correcting her all day long and I just want to stop.  Maybe she’s acting so different because she’s cranky too and this is just how it’s coming out in her?  I don’t know about that but I do know that I HATE feeling this way and really wish something could get me out of the funk I’m in.  BLAH.

Just so you know how blah I’m feeling – here’s a short list of things that have really irked me in the last 36 hours – they are things that otherwise don’t bother me:

  • The teen bagger at Publix commenting on my groceries “Oh, salsa, sour cream, chips – someone’s going to have a fiesta tonight!” I mean whatever!  Just bag ’em buddy!  I would really hate to hear what he’d say if I was buying condoms,  ky and  whipped cream!
  • The crapload of pollen that is caked on everything – the pavement, mailbox, porch, cars…
  • Nate not taking his naps.
  • Nia repeating the same thing over and over again or me having to repeat the same thing over and over again to her.
  • Sanjaya still on American Idol – it didn’t bother me Wednesday night when it was announced but by Thursday afternoon I was disgusted.
  • Getting endless “mortgage insurance” forms in the mail even after I’ve sent them back with “No thank you. Please stop sending these” written on them.

What’s even worse is I just don’t know what’s causing this mean face I’m wearing.  Everything’s been going great here – we just had a really nice visit from Andrew’s sister and our adorable baby niece, we have money to pay bills, a roof over our heads, tons of food and Easter treats to pig out on, plus love is everywhere in this house so what the hell do I have to be cranky about?  Maybe I’m not eating enough of the salty junk food or carbs that I love.  I’ve been trying to eat healthier so that may be what it is!  Some drinking might help as well!  That’s it!  I am prescribing myself a bag of chips and a few White Russians!  The next time I write I will be cheerful and drunk!


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