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Didn’t Even Flinch

15 Mar

Not only is she growing up so quickly, she’s also super brave!  While we were at the mall today, Andrew asked Nia if she wanted to get her ears pierced.  I don’t think he ever thought she would say yes!

Pretty Princess Earrings


She asked if it would hurt like a shot and he told her yes.  She didn’t care – she wanted them pierced.  We walked into Claire’s and the very nice clerk asked her what earrings she would like.  She knew right away.  Who cares it’s the birthstone for October?  It was a pretty, pink, sparkly earring and it was her choice.

She sat on Andrew’s lap and watched as the clerk cleaned the earrings and put on latex gloves.  I thought that for sure would scare her. Nope. She didn’t even seem tense.

The clerk used extra care to make sure Nia didn’t see the piercing gun as she went in for the first ear.  The clerk counted – one, two, three.  That was it.  Nia’s tiny earlobe just had an earring shoved through it and nothing.  Not a deep breath, not a whimper, not a cringe, not a flinch, nothing.  We asked her if she was ok and all she said while smiling was, “It just surprised me a little bit.”  With that, she got her other ear pierced and then got to pick out other pretty princess earrings to wear later.

We are still in shock.  What a brave little girly girl with the pink, sparkly earrings. You amaze us every day.

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