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Once Upon a Bathtime

8 Mar

I love how I found the array of characters hanging out in the tub after Nia’s bath.

“The superheroes are trying to help the girls not fall in the pool and get their dresses wet.”

What about Batman over there with Cinderella?

“They are dating.”

Not sure I would pair them together but maybe Nia sees something I don’t …


Array of Characters


I give it two weeks.


Spidey and Ariel are my favorites.

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It was all fun and games…

23 Feb

Snow Angels

Having a Blast


You might be thinking – what was I thinking?  I couldn’t help myself though.  Nate was watching a cartoon and the little boys in it had on their hats and mittens and were having a blast playing in the snow. He looked at me and asked, “Snow?  Nate play?  Hat?”

What was I supposed to do?!  He was so sweet and I could tell how much he wanted to bundle up and dive in to the white stuff.  It would have never happened if it wasn’t for my sister and brother-in-law.  Whenever Brian mails us something, he loads it with stuff like the packaging peanuts.  I usually cringe when I see the stuff because it can make such a mess – it’s so funny what you’ll do for your children.

For the record though, about the mess, it took about 15 different runs of the Dyson to collect all the pieces – and there’s still some of it lingering around on the carpet and in my hair!


It was totally worth it


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