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Tiny Geniuses in Nia’s Brain

20 Mar

Nia’s brain continues to amaze us. So much so that Andrew and I will often tell her she has a genius brain. I even told her once (after seeing her great work on math and comprehension tests) that it’s like she has a bunch of tiny geniuses who specialize in different subjects living in her head. I even thought about turning that idea into a children’s book: A little girl with all of these stereotypical character geniuses living in her skull. But then one day, one of them gets sick and can’t help deliver her the correct answer when the question is racing through her head. The others have to pick up the slack and adventure and education ensues.

We can almost see that process happening in her mind when we ask her a question. I have three examples of this that just happened this morning:

  • I asked Nia through a closed door if she had finished her Sunday School homework that was assigned last week. There was silence for a few seconds and then her little voice replied, “Yep. Remember? I did it right when I got home from Sunday School last week.”
  • I asked Nia what she had asked me earlier in the morning because I couldn’t hear her and couldn’t respond right away. She sat for a few seconds and then delivered, “I asked why you drank that.”
  • I said the phrase “pick and choose” to her and, after a second of thought, she inquired, “Doesn’t that mean the same thing?” I sat open-mouthed.

Andrew joked that you could almost hear the computer beeping in her brain as it pinged around for the memory/information and produced it for her. (He said, “Like Watson from Jeopardy.) I laughed and tried to join in with his cleverness, “Yeah! You can see her syntax firing!” He gave me a hesitant smile and sweetly corrected, “Synapse, sweetie. Um, you aren’t allowed to teach our kids biology or anatomy either now. Didn’t you have anatomy in high school?!”

Great. Add that to the list of science and geography as things I’m banned from teaching. I’m pretty sure Nia and her little geniuses will be teaching me anyway. I’m kind of counting on that.

(By the way, I had to google the word synapse to make sure I was spelling it correctly. I found this handy-dandy webpage called Neuroscience for Kids. Can’t say I understood it though.)

The Best Lunch Date

27 Aug
  • A stroll through the mall – window shopping and checking out cool stuff.
  • An order of Bourbon Chicken with Fried Rice and Broccoli.
  • A spoon and a fork and a shared Styrofoam container.
  • He and I sitting side by side, allowing me to sneak smooches and help him cut his broccoli trees.
  • A hug around the neck as I carried him to his bed for a nap.  (He made it even better by saying “Momma” with such love as he wrapped his little arms around and squeezed.)

I feel so lucky Nate and I shared such a nice day together.  It made me worry that I didn’t make the right decision about going back to work but then I remembered we’ll still have our evenings and weekends to enjoy. I know he’s going to love his “school” and I think it’s really going to help him in a lot of ways. I’m just glad I have this memory to keep and to cherish and am so thankful for our little man.


“Mommy, I love the dentist.”

18 Jun

How unbelievable is that?  I’m still in shock that those words came out of Nia’s professionally cleaned mouth. I’m just so amazed about how awesome she was on her first trip to the dentist.  She just hopped right up in the chair, laid back and watched some “Sesame Street” while the hygienist poked her tiny little teeth with those pointy silver tools.  I mean, those tools are pretty scary looking to me, but Nia was like, “Whatever, I’m watching Elmo.”

It made me wonder if she will forever associate “Sesame Street” with the dentist like I will forever associate Pierogies with “The Neverending Story.”  I was watching the Rockbiter eat rocks during the first time I ever tried Pierogies and I thought, “I wonder if rocks taste like this?”  I still think about that memory every time we pig out on Pierogies.  Maybe Nia will always think about Ernie chillin’ in his tub singing “Rubber Ducky” when she thinks about going to the dentist.  That’s a heck of a lot better than remembering the way the toothpaste tastes or how awkward it is to have the x-rays taken. Man, I wish they had televisions in there when we were kids.


Nia’s New Love

7 May

He’s 26 years old, he’s super short and wobbles when he walks.

He needs a tan and needs to learn how to handle his beer.

His fingers are incredibly long and one of them can glow.

He has a limited vocabulary, usually repeating the same words/phrases over and over again.

You know, like “E.T. phone home.”

Nia was introduced to the little alien this weekend and hasn’t been able to stop talking about him since.  She loved every minute of the movie, laughing out loud at parts (the “phone home” part really made her giggle, especially since E.T. was dressed up) and even crying toward the end saying, “I don’t want ET to die Momma.”

It may sound incredibly dramatic but the whole thing made me tear up because of how precious it all was.  I was Nia’s age when I first watched the movie and now I get to experience the feeling all over again through her eyes.  The movie captivated her heart and imagination and there is something touching in that.  She’s becoming a little sci-fi/fantasy lover and I think that’s so cool.  From Lord of the Rings to Narnia and now E.T., I’m so excited for her to discover there’s more than just Disney princesses out there!

Chasing Butterflies

24 Apr

I never fully realized the power and beauty of a butterfly until recently.  When Nia and Nate see one flutter by, they gasp, squeal and giggle with excitement and then take off after it.  Sometimes I worry about how captivating the beautiful creature is to them because it seems they will follow it until they run squaw into the fence or out into oncoming traffic.

Danger aside, I just love the innocence and happiness that comes along with chasing butterflies and I’ll admit there’s even been a time or two when I’ve joined in with the kids.  How can I resist after they’ve shown me how much joy it can bring?  I think I actually get as excited as they do now when we see a butterfly.

Thanks sweeties.  I will always cherish our chases.

It was all fun and games…

23 Feb

Snow Angels

Having a Blast


You might be thinking – what was I thinking?  I couldn’t help myself though.  Nate was watching a cartoon and the little boys in it had on their hats and mittens and were having a blast playing in the snow. He looked at me and asked, “Snow?  Nate play?  Hat?”

What was I supposed to do?!  He was so sweet and I could tell how much he wanted to bundle up and dive in to the white stuff.  It would have never happened if it wasn’t for my sister and brother-in-law.  Whenever Brian mails us something, he loads it with stuff like the packaging peanuts.  I usually cringe when I see the stuff because it can make such a mess – it’s so funny what you’ll do for your children.

For the record though, about the mess, it took about 15 different runs of the Dyson to collect all the pieces – and there’s still some of it lingering around on the carpet and in my hair!


It was totally worth it


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