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Rejection #1

14 Aug

From the person I interviewed with for the University of Georgia Press Publicity Manager position:

"This was a really tough decision, but I've narrowed it down to a small group and will not need you to come back in. You have some really great experience and I think you could definitely land yourself a job here at UGA. It's a tough environment right now though with these budget cuts, and I think that drove an unusually high number of qualified applicants to this job, including a couple from within the Press.

I am keeping your resume on hand in case no one in this group works out, but I didn't want to hold you up if you have other leads. I really appreciate you coming down here for the interview.

Best of luck with things."

Pretty much the nicest rejection email I could get.  I'm ok with it.  This was the job that kind of intimidated me – you know – since I have zero experience in book publishing.

At least I know the status of one of them.  Three to go!

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