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Job Offer

22 Aug

It seems at least one of the four companies I interviewed with likes me enough to want me to work for them. I have until 5 pm Friday to let the Gwinnett County Public Library know if I want to be a Part-Time Library Associate.

From a quick glance, it seems like it would be a great “mommy job.” I love libraries, it would be a stress-free job (compared to others), Nia would probably not need any after school care and the pay is good. But then you add that pay to what Andrew will make and subtract all the taxes, the gas to drive the 60 miles there and back and childcare for Nate because chances are I’ll have to work during some weekdays – well, it doesn’t seem so great after considering all of that.

I don’t think I’ll even take the other job if it’s offered to me.  It really hurts me to say that because working at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta would be such an amazing opportunity.  It’s just the drive is just so ridiculously long – especially when you add that I’ll be racing to pick Nia and Nate before the childcare they’ve been at all day is about to close.

It’s so frustrating.  All of that hard work and emotional blah I went through researching, applying and interviewing – for what?  These jobs seemed great and workable when I found them and applied.  What could be so different now that they aren’t anymore?

As much as I’m scared to take them, I’m just as scared to let them go.  What if I don’t get another offer?  What if this was the job I was supposed to accept?

All I can do is make a decision with my heart and mind and hope it all turns out ok.

Rejection #1

14 Aug

From the person I interviewed with for the University of Georgia Press Publicity Manager position:

"This was a really tough decision, but I've narrowed it down to a small group and will not need you to come back in. You have some really great experience and I think you could definitely land yourself a job here at UGA. It's a tough environment right now though with these budget cuts, and I think that drove an unusually high number of qualified applicants to this job, including a couple from within the Press.

I am keeping your resume on hand in case no one in this group works out, but I didn't want to hold you up if you have other leads. I really appreciate you coming down here for the interview.

Best of luck with things."

Pretty much the nicest rejection email I could get.  I'm ok with it.  This was the job that kind of intimidated me – you know – since I have zero experience in book publishing.

At least I know the status of one of them.  Three to go!

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