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One Decade Down

2 Sep

When we told Nia we’d be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary today, she accurately and adorably pointed out, “Your marriage is older than me!” Sure, it’s not as old as others but I still think our years have a lot of stories to tell.

  • We were separated more than we were together during the first three years of our marriage but we made it work. I was a loner in Savannah while the Army had Andrew on months of training in California, an overseas mission in Kosovo and a war in Iraq. Even when we were at the same address, our job schedules kept us apart. He spoiled me by chauffeuring me 40+ miles for my weekend producing job, just so we could spend more time.
  • The time apart in the military also meant we’d be apart for Nia’s birth. It was too much for both of us and Andrew decided a civilian life was best for our family life. I know that decision was so very difficult – I’ve always felt he was born to lead and he was such an awesome soldier – I am forever grateful.
  • From Army Captain to Best Buy Sales Manager, career number two kept Andrew close to us but still wasn’t ideal for him or us. Career number three was. So much so, baby number two came into our lives.
  • Nate’s birth was so special for both of us because we got to experience it together. We didn’t find out what we were having. We both wanted it that way. (We found out with Nia because we wanted to make sure he knew while at war – just in case.) Nate’s birth had complications and an emergency c-section was necessary. Andrew didn’t waver and I will never forget the moment we shared when the doctor told us everything was ok and that we were having a boy.
  • Soon after we became a family of four, the third career offered Andrew a promotion and a relocation. This change meant I could be a stay-at-home mom while he brought home the bacon. It was wonderful until it came to an end with a layoff. It may sound odd but this is probably one of my most cherished times together. Who would think a layoff would bring such happiness? Sure, we were concerned but we both looked at it as an opportunity and a chance to spend some quality family time together. We encouraged each other as we both looked for jobs and never took ourselves too seriously. We loved to watch the movie “Fun with Dick and Jane” – quoting it and seeing the hilariously sad reality in it. (Never getting any ideas, of course.)
  • After only a few weeks of unemployment, we both found great jobs (career four for Andrew, two for me) but it meant a big adjustment to our family. Nate would now need to go to daycare again. Nia would need to go to after school. We conquered this together and continue to work hard at it.

There are so many other challenges and adventures we’ve experienced together but through it all we’ve taught each other so much. How to take better care of one another. How to be a team. How to best deal with my paranoia and worrying issues. How to not fight because there are crumbs on the counter, empty cups around the house or other quirks. How to try to be a parent.

I know the coming years are going to continue to try us and to teach us. With Andrew as my partner, best friend, favorite and love, I can’t wait. Besides, I figure he’s stuck with me for another five or six decades. Then, we’ll really be older than Nia.

Forever a Fan

15 Jul

Many of us have something we cherish from childhood. Whether it is a memory with a loved one we hold onto, a favorite stuffed animal or book, or a movie or song that takes us back. But what happens when you grow to dislike the thing you treasured so much? It happened to Andrew, with his love of baseball.

He tells stories about being little and watching Cal Ripen, Jr., his ultimate favorite player. He talks about how he detests the Braves because they beat the Pirates out of going to the World Series in 1992. He collected baseball cards, player figurines and helmets from games. He almost caught a foul ball from a regular season Pirates game but a man stole it from his 10-year-old hands.

It’s hard to believe that all that love for something could fade but a baseball strike and the steroid scandal that plagued the sport for years really wore on his respect for the game. The atmosphere changed. The integrity. The desire to play because you love the game. Not because you want to make more money or break records.

Andrew may have continued to feel that way if it wasn’t for his little boy. Nate has a pure, untarnished love for baseball. The sport brings him shear happiness without any of the politics and controversies to cloud it. He asks his daddy questions about the game, teams and players. He asks his daddy who to root for and who to boo. He asks his daddy to play. His spirit is contagious and Andrew loves watching the sport through his son’s eyes. It’s helped him find the fan he used to be.

I love being a spectator to their baseball bond and am so excited to share in their love of the sport.  (And spoil them with gear proudly displaying their favorite team.)



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