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A Mini-Multi-Tasker

27 May

Nia always wants to help me vacuum so today I decided to let her push a Nia size sweeper that really works.  She loved it!  She kept asking me to open it up so she could see how much she cleaned.  After a little bit though, I heard it running but not really moving all that much.  The picture explains it all-

She was reading “Cinderella” as she was moving the vacuum back and forth!  She told me she needed to read the book so she would know how to clean the right way.  Here I thought she was hinting to me that I was making her feel like a maid or something.  I guess I still have at least another five years before that happens. Then I’ll be lucky if she even helps me plug in the vacuum.

Thanks for wanting to help me now Nia.  You’re a super cute little cleaner!

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