Man of a few words

23 Jan

He does not speak but yet he still finds a way to talk back to his mother. How in the world I’m I ever supposed to scold this little angry man when he is so hilariously adorable?!?!

Today, I caught him eating a cardboard block.

Block Buffet

When I saw him chewing it I gasped and said “NO SIR!”

He laughed.

That obviously didn’t get through to him so I lowered my eyebrows and pointed at him (like this was going to be less funny) “NO SIR! NO EATING BLOCKS!”

He pointed at me and said “SHA!”

I held my hand open so he would bring me the block.  (Can you believe he did?!?!)  I pointed at the part now missing color and said again, “No eating blocks! YUCK!”

Nate's Snack

He again pointed at me and said “SHA!”

This continued for some time – I think I just wanted to see how many times he would keep pointing and “SHA”ing.  It was so funny.  At one point I hid my face behind Nia because I couldn’t keep from laughing.  He was so serious and so determined to tell me how he was feeling,  Even when I hid the block behind my back he squatted down to try to see it and again pointed at it and said “SHA!”

I guess he told me, huh?

Block Eater

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