Unusual Feeling

30 Jan

Today, I experienced probably one of the most unusual, disturbing feelings during my morning breakfast.

I was eating some cereal – Special K to be exact – and was about half way finished when I’m not sure what happened – but the bowl tipped over and landed squaw in my lady area.  Now, you may think well you say you were half finished so there couldn’t have been that much in the bowl – well see, I’m a BIG eater so I use a BIG bowl so it was almost like it was a small full bowl.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do when it happened – I sat there for way too long trying to figure out – should I try to gather up all that soggy cereal and put it back in the bowl or should I try to get off the counter height stool I was sitting in without standing up all the way (pretty impossible being that my feet don’t touch the ground when I’m sitting).  Well, instead of those choices I decided to take my pants off and gather them in a ball so I wouldn’t make an even bigger mess.  As if having all that yuck spilled on me wasn’t bad enough – now I undressed at the breakfast table! Nia and Nate both looking at me like “why’s mom stripping?”

BLAH – that’s all I have to say is BLAH.  Nia, being the sweetie she is, made it all better though by saying, “that’s ok Momma – you can clean it.”  Thanks kiddo.

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