He Speaks!

18 Jun

Finally, the Boy is communicating by using something other than grunts and screams!  He’s been saying “uh-oh,” “daddy” and “doggy” for awhile now but nothing else.  It just seemed like he had no interest in speaking.  (I mean, why speak words when Caveman-talk was working just fine for him?)

Well, now Nate is working on being the next jabber-jaw of the family.  (Nia currently holds that title.)  He’s been saying “no, no, no, no, no” when I ask him to do something (and for right now it’s super cute).  He also says “baby” whenever he sees a baby doll or a baby doll toy.  I also think I recognized “hot” and “don’t.”  Hmm…bet you’re wondering what we say to him all the time huh?

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