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The Graduate

31 May

Is it a bad thing when teachers and other parents come up to you after the ceremony and tell you what a “big” voice your child has or that she should be an actress?  They were smiling when they said it so I think they thought her enthusiasm was sweet but I’m not too sure.  I don’t care anyway.  She was adorable and I appreciate her volume because then I was able to understand what they were singing!

We’re so proud of our little preschool graduate and performer and look forward to more entertaining and touching memories!

How Could I Forget This?!?!

4 Nov

Nate went pee-pee on the potty!  Isn’t that crazy?  He can’t even say potty!  We just tried it out of the blue and he did it!  Now, we make it a routine thing every night before bath time.  We aren’t really trying to “train” him yet but we figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least get him used to the idea. We’ll see!

He Speaks!

18 Jun

Finally, the Boy is communicating by using something other than grunts and screams!  He’s been saying “uh-oh,” “daddy” and “doggy” for awhile now but nothing else.  It just seemed like he had no interest in speaking.  (I mean, why speak words when Caveman-talk was working just fine for him?)

Well, now Nate is working on being the next jabber-jaw of the family.  (Nia currently holds that title.)  He’s been saying “no, no, no, no, no” when I ask him to do something (and for right now it’s super cute).  He also says “baby” whenever he sees a baby doll or a baby doll toy.  I also think I recognized “hot” and “don’t.”  Hmm…bet you’re wondering what we say to him all the time huh?

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