Neighborhood Watch

17 Apr

Who needs a busy body policing the neighborhood when you have a 4 year old?

Today, Nia made it known to me and the neighbor across the street that she disapproved of how he was dressed.  This “he” is a teenage boy who is constantly working on his car that has one of those deliberately loud mufflers on it  (speak of the devil – I hear the car now) and one of those “systems” that he decides to blare at odd hours of the night.

Anyway, today Nia announced out her brother’s open bedroom window, “Momma!  That boy who’s our neighbor is outside and doesn’t have a shirt on!”

I’m not sure if he heard or not and I really don’t care anyway.  I know I’m supposed to “love thy neighbor” and I keep telling myself that but every time I hear his annoyingly loud car I feel the urge to cuss under my breath.

Maybe I should get Nia to give him a piece of my mind.  The G-rated version, of course.

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