The 5 W’s Times 100

19 Apr

Who?  What? When? Where? Why? Oh yeah, and How?

They’re asked while I’m talking on the phone.  They’re asked if I sigh or think out loud to myself. They’re asked, of course, if I say no to a prior question that’s usually about going somewhere or doing something.  They’re asked while I’m driving.  They’re asked while I’m taking a potty break.  They’re even asked while I sit in silence.

All day long.  Questions. Questions. Questions.   Sometimes, I don’t even have the answers to them.  Other times, I think I have the answer but then Andrew very sweetly smiles and shakes his head and then tells her the correct reason two positive ends of a magnet don’t stick together (or whatever).

I read somewhere that an average 4-year-old asks about 440 questions a day.  I just don’t have that many answers.

One Response to “The 5 W’s Times 100”

  1. mom valles April 19, 2008 at 12:20 pm #

    I know this is annoying, but try to enjoy it because before you know it she won't be telling you ANYTHING, and you will be asking all the exasperating questions. Unfortunately she either won't have the answers or won't want to tell you the answers because they will not be what you want to hear. "the difference between preschoolers and preteens!!!" Mom/Lola

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