It’s not your cooties I’m worried about…

23 Apr

Teaching Nia about germs has turned her into more than a germophobe – she’s a misunderstood germophobe.

According to Nia, a little girl she didn’t know (let’s call her Sally) called her mean.  Nia says it’s all because Sally wanted to play with Nia’s new My Little Ponies but Nia told Sally she didn’t want to let her play with them because then she would get Nia’s germs.

I mean, Nia was just looking out for Sally’s well-being right?  It wasn’t like Nia was saying, “Ew.  I don’t want you to touch my ponies because you got cooties.”

Maybe Sally’s mom/dad still have to teach her about how to be a proper and considerate germophobe.

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