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10 Jul

Our Winder friends are moving.  We’ve grown really close to Monica, Steven, Sofi and Will over these past 8 months and it really hasn’t fully hit me yet. Steven was offered a great job near the Georgia/Florida line and will be moving there in 3 weeks.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for them and I am genuinely happy for them but the selfish side of me is super sad. I just can’t imagine living in this city without them.  They’re the reason I joined the Y, went to story hour at the library and basically survived during the weekdays since we’ve been here.  It’s been really hard to try to explain it to Nia too.  She still has pictures of her Savannah friends on display in her room – she still asks me when she’s going to get to see them.  How am I supposed to tell her that she’s losing another buddy?

What’s even more sad about the whole thing is I don’t know if we’ll stay close after they move.  I’d like to hope we’ll still talk on the phone and try to see each other – but I don’t know…

Some friends you can pick right up where you left off even after you haven’t talked/seen each other in months or even years.  Some friends you think of during the stupidest of moments or the most serious of moments and you know they would totally understand what you’re going through right then.  The two of you are so close that you never have to worry about what you say – you know that no matter what they are going to love you and be there for you.  You just know you are supposed to be friends.

As I grow up, I’ve come to realize that those good friends are hard to find and if you are lucky enough to find them – you need to do all you can to make sure distance, time or a disagreement don’t keep you apart.  Love ya pals!


How I’m Different

18 Feb

Before staying at home with the kids I:

  • Went to sleep at a reasonable hour (now I’m glued to the tube through the night trying to get my fix of tv shows and movies)
  • Ate fast food Monday through Friday (now I’m happy (and hungry) to say I’ve only bought it once since we lived here!)
  • Rarely cooked dinner on weeknights (now it’s a struggle to decide what I should make – it’s like the one big decision I have every day and sometimes it really stresses me out)
  • Took a shower EVERY day (I know this sounds gross but I mean what do I do?  I hardly ever leave the house so it’s not like I’m schtanky or anything – I swear the most I went without a de-schtanking was one day)
  • Only wore jeans 3 or 4 days a week (now they are all I wear – although the other day I decided to wear pants and put on some fancy jewelry just because – it would figure that I lost an earring though!  Luckily, since I don’t leave the house it didn’t go far and the little man (who of course finds every tiny, dangerous object he shouldn’t) found it for me later in the day!)
  • Super stressed about taking time off from work when the kids were sick
  • Knew about the latest news headlines (now I’m lucky to catch any blurbs on tv or even know what day of the week it is)

Overall, I think I’ve changed for the better.  I feel less stressed and enjoy simple things (like getting the mail) more than I ever would have thought.

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