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Too Cute to Correct

31 Jan

Instead of “Getting on my nerves,” Nia says, “Getting on my nerds.

Only a Kid Could Get Away with It

25 Jan

Papa Dave to Nia:  “Who lives in West Virginia?”

The correct answer would have been – “My grandparents.”

Nia’s answer?  “That’s where all of my old people live.”

How do I explain how not ok that was for her to say?  It was pretty darn funny though.

Oh and by the way – those “old people” are anything but old to me!


Nia’s Cute Comments

13 Jun

“You’re the best momma/daddy.”  (I swear we did not bribe her to say that!  The first time she said it to me I teared up.  Now, it’s just super cute and usually comes with an extra-special Nia hug.)

“They’re speaking Spanish, huh Momma?”  (Said after she heard a girl talking to her mom in Spanish at the grocery store.)

“No sir Nathan!” (She’s a great little helper when it comes to the crazy man.)

“Momma, why did you tattle on me?”  (Said after she heard me telling my mom about her potty accident.)

“Let’s get the Snow White doll for Nate.”  (The boy has a major crush on Miss White.  He always picks that doll out of all the others so Nia decided she wanted to get him his own doll.)

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