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Nia and “Selena”

21 Aug

Selena Gomez (an actress on Disney Channel’sWizards of Waverly Place“) has cast a cute spell on our little girl. Nia loves her show and her music and is now even calling one of her other dolls, Selena. I just wanted to capture all that has been Nia and Selena over the past week.

Selena comes with us on errands or entertainment outings. She came with us to the movies and sat next to Nia on the arm of the chair – enjoying “Ramona and Beezus.”

Selena is the music artist of choice anytime we are in the car.

Selena joins us for breakfast. (Finally, someone is eating slower than Nia!) She was served a pancake and a smoothie. Mysteriously, she made a happy plate and cup.

Hereditary Hulk Hatred?

24 Feb

I don’t remember a ton about being little. I’m told stories about how I would scream like a madwoman when my mom brushed my waist-long hair. I loved playing Barbies and would get lost for hours in my Barbie world. I collected unicorns and had a beloved Dino Flintstone stuffed animal that my mom would use to wake me up every morning. I hated the Incredible Hulk.

Now, maybe hate is the wrong word. I more, lived in fear of Hulk. My mom says if it came on television, she would frantically change the channel or yell from the other room for the person closest to the television to, “change it, change it!” I remember once at my Grandma Rafiani’s house, I hid under the couch cushions as I waited for someone to rescue me from the growling, green fury with glowing eyes.

It seems my dislike for the green one has been passed down to our little man. I never voiced my fear of Hulk around Nate. His feelings were not influenced by mine and are unique from mine in that he can watch the cartoon and loves to play with his tiny Hulk toy – during the day that is.

At night, this is what happens to the glow-in-the-dark, plastic superhero:

Andrew tried for three nights to catch Nate on the hidden camera. He thinks it’s so funny how Nate doesn’t just place Hulk outside his door, he walks Hulk to the back of the couch and perches him on top, facing the stairs. Catching Nate on camera involved some pretty sneaky work on our part. We had to get Nate to bed without him noticing Hulk in his room. If he noticed, he would say, “Mommy, Hulk.” Andrew left Nate’s bedroom light on for as long as he could as he tucked Nate in, said prayers, gave kisses … Then, Andrew hurried me downstairs as he pressed record. When he finally succeeded in capturing Nate banishing Hulk on camera, Andrew came dancing downstairs, ecstatic about what he was about to see.

I love how Nate is so determined to make Hulk stand on the couch. He’s concentrating so hard – biting his tongue, brow furrowed. Kind of like his daddy was as he carried out his hidden camera plan. 

I guess Nate really takes after both of us. (After all, Andrew actually liked watching Hulk.)

Sleepy Head on the Steps

22 Jul

May I Have Your Autograph?

5 Jul

Capturing the Crazy and the Cute

2 Apr

Nia: The Headliner

7 Oct

We just taught Nia the joke that goes, “Why was 6 afraid of 7?  Because 7, 8, 9!”

She then came up with, “Why did 9 cross the road?  To run away from 7!”

She even acted it out like she was running across the road.

Such a great memory.

Loves his Big Sis

18 Aug


Nate woke up in time to enjoy some of Nia’s second day of school.  He wanted to walk her to the bus stop but had to have his own backpack too!


Our Little Puzzler

14 Aug

He doesn't know his colors yet but he can tell you where Alabama (or as Andrew taught him, "Al-a-BAMA!") goes on the map.

Nate has been amazing us with his mad map puzzle skills.  He just loves to dump out all the pieces and then put them all back – over and over again.  I love it!  He already knows more than I do about geography!  (I'm lucky if I can name the seven continents.  There are seven of them right?)

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Nia Sings and Nate Counts

3 Aug

The Gymnast

2 Jun

She had a blast!

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