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The Next Adventure

31 Mar

You’re crazy. It will never happen.

That’s what I would’ve said if you told me I’d be driving 45 miles in two to six lanes of thick traffic twice a day to work on a website and understand HTML code.

I did it though. For four and a half years. Sometimes, my ride to work would take 90 minutes. Sometimes, my ride home would cost me the same time from that same day. Three hours, gone.

Lovely Atlanta Traffic

The job I was driving to and from was great. I loved it. It challenged me to try something different and I was proud to work for such a worthwhile organization – Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Even more, I worked with a wonderful team of people. I learned so much from them and I formed friendships I cherish. I also had an incredible manager. I have much respect for him and how he knows his area and helps others to understand. The team he leads is awesome – both in work ethic and talent – and I feel so special to have been a part of it. I will miss our lunches, “face time” at our cubes and meetings that often took a turn toward laughs and tangent conversations. (It was all a part of our creative process.)

Some of the Beloved Team

I am sad to leave but another opportunity closer to home is now in my future.

The job posting said Web Content Editor, Athens Regional Medical Center. Athens is just 25 miles away. A 30-minute drive. That title is my title at Children’s. I needed to try for it.

It only took about 30 minutes to apply online. I then went about my daily routine and checked on the status of the application just about every day. The day I didn’t, a few weeks after, I got the call that they wanted to interview me.

I felt good after the interview. I graded myself a B+ but I’m pretty hard on myself. My potential new boss was welcoming and nice. She described the position and I felt like it was perfect for me. It would be a lot more writing for me but other than that the position is what I’ve been doing – only much closer to home.

The second round of interviewing involved a project. I had to do an online campaign proposal that included rewriting and restructuring a web section. I turned it in feeling good about my ideas but nervous about how I formated the actual proposal.

I waited.

The call came. They wanted me. I cried, overflowing with mixed emotions and apprehension about leaving a place and people I love so much.

My last day – Friday the 13.

I will have Spring Break off with the kids and then I begin my new adventure. I’m excited about using my experience to help another not-for-profit hospital and know this distance is better for our family. I’m looking forward to my first day there but teary-eyed for my last. I will always hold the memories I made at Childrens’s dear to my heart – especially those laughs (there were a lot).

Loved This So

I have a full heart. Grateful for all I learned and the people I met (and will stay connected to) at Children’s. Grateful for the chance for a new challenge with another great organization.

Adventure awaits. (Just not the bumper-to-bumper kind.)

Job Interview on the Fly

25 Jul

He left a message at 1 pm.  Saw my resume.  Wants to hold interviews this week and next.  Call him to set up a time.

I call back at 3 pm. He tells me he has to sort through all the resumes, commenting that he has so many because of the bad economy.  I reply that the open position is also an exciting opportunity.  He agrees and then begins to set up an interview time.  He asks me what days I would be free. I’m available tomorrow if he’s open, I announce.  It’s set.

Right now, I’m reviewing a list of possible questions I could encounter tomorrow.  I’ve manicured my nails. I’m grooming my eyebrows.  I’m second guessing my outfit.  What purse should I carry? Should I wear a necklace?  Will my throat still hurt this bad tomorrow?  (I caught the kids’ colds.)  The only thing I’m not worried about is getting there.  I actually scouted it out earlier tonight.

That’s about all I can do. Worry and wait until 10 am tomorrow.  That’s when I’ll be trying to convince my inquisitor that I’m the next Publicity Manager for The University of Georgia Press.

Getting My Foot in the Door

22 Jul

Not 12 hours after I boo-hooed about not getting any love with my job applications, I got an email for an interview!  I will be interviewing for the position of Communication Specialist with the Broadcast and Distance Learning Department of Gwinnett County Public Schools on Thursday, July 31.

Based off the description on the job posting, it seems like something I would be good at and would like.  It’s basically producing programs for the school system’s 24/7 educational television channel and supervising video-conferencing for distance learning.

I’m just so excited to have a chance and I did it without having an “in” to help me get my foot in the door.  Every job I ever had I got because I knew someone who knew someone.  Not this time.  I just can’t even believe it!

Now, I just have to prepare!  I have a new suit and heels all ready to be worn but my brain needs a re-boot.  Luckily, Andrew has a bunch of professional advice on interviewing from his recruiters so I’m going to be reviewing all of that but when it really comes down to it, they either like you or they don’t.  We’ll see if it’s a match or not!


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