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23 Aug

Call me a narc. Call me a do-gooder. Call me justified. I’ll call myself a pissed off neighbor who is tired of people not respecting other people’s property.

While our next door neighbors are on vacation, we’ve been getting their mail for them.  Friday night, I went out to get it  but I saw two people sitting on the storm drain next to their house.  I just thought it was two of our neighbors talking so I didn’t head for the mailbox.  Instead, I got our garbage cans and brought them around the side of the house.  As I was walking back inside, I noticed they were leaving so I waited for them to walk off and then went for the mail.  I thought it was weird that the two girls cut through our yards, so I let Joey out so he could bark at them. I didn’t think too much of it all until I opened our neighbor’s empty mailbox.

First thought – Andrew must have gotten it already.  No.  I would have known that.

Second thought – They didn’t get any mail.  No.  They always have a ton of mail.

Third thought – What is that paper blowing around on the grass?  Oh, and that ripped up envelope?  CRAP!  I think that’s their mail!

I looked around for more mail and my eyes caught a bunch of white paper stuffed in the storm drain.  I grabbed a piece that’s not too far in and see it is indeed their mail.

I freak out, worried that they stole something with our neighbor’s financial information on it.  I run inside to get Andrew and then run back outside to see if I see the girls anywhere.  Sure enough, I see them down the street behind our house and what do you know – I see them open up another mailbox and look inside!  I yell at them like some tough girl, “I see what you’re doing!  I found the mail!  PUNKS!  I’m calling the police!”  To all of that they reply, “Ma’am?”  I run back inside and cross paths with Andrew who’s armed with a stick of some sort (at that time he did not know they were girls!).  While he took off to chase them, I called the cops.

Andrew didn’t catch up with the girls but the officer did!  The only bad thing about it all – he drove them back to our house so we could identify them!  I say yes, it’s them but I don’t want to press charges, just give back the mail.  “Ma’am, we didn’t take no mail ma’am.”  I say, “Well then, could you give us the mail you found blowing in the wind while you were walking?”  “We don’t have no mail ma’am.”

Turns out they live either in our neighborhood or close to us and they are 23 and 20 years old!  (Here I thought they were just kids being kids.)  The 23 year old actually even had a warrant out for her arrest!  (Not sure for what.) Based off what we saw and another neighbor who saw them throw down two pieces of mail (another neighbor’s catalog credit card statement and our neighbor’s entire phone bill), they handcuffed the girls and took them away.

I’m just so freakin’ paranoid right now. They know where we live.  They know we’re the ones who reported them.  What if they retaliate? Nia and Nate’s rooms are in the front of the house.  I’m so scared they, or someone they know, will do something that could hurt our sweeties as they sleep all tucked in nice and cozy.  I want to move!  I can totally see why people don’t report crime.  The cop even asked if we owned a gun and told us to get one!  That’s comforting!

This sucks!  All we can do is move Nia’s bed away from the outside wall and pray the criminals aren’t crazy enough to want to hurt someone.

Did we do the right thing?  What about the smart thing?  What would you have done?  Am I overreacting yet again?  (Please don’t answer unless you’re going to help make me feel better!  HA!)

Ready or Not

13 Aug

The “Hello Kitty” backpack now sits filled with crayons, glue sticks, safety scissors, antibacterial lotion and notebooks.  Her matching “Hello Kitty” lunch box will soon be stuffed with her favorites.  She placed the order herself – peanut butter and jelly, applesauce and cheese crackers.  Oh and don’t forget the juice box, Momma.

Soon that backpack will weigh on her shoulders.  Now crisp and clean, on Friday it will begin its days of being dragged, kicked, dropped, tossed, used, abused and loved to pieces. The lunch box will soon start its important job of carrying the lunches I make with care – the one connection I’ll have with Nia during her long day away.  It will carry more than food, it will carry my love all zipped up with her PB&J – Momma hopes you like your lunch Sweets.  I’m thinking about you and hoping you have a great day at school.

I hope you learn a lot, laugh a lot, live a lot.  I hope your school days are happy days.  I’ll miss you while you’re there.  I’ll worry that you’re ok on your own.  You’re so small.  You’re so sweet.  Will they take care of you like they should?  Will they love your little ways like they should?  Will you make friends that you’ll have forever?  Will you want to invite them over to play?  Will kids be mean to you?  Momma can’t protect you there.  Be strong little girl.  Be brave.  Be nice.  Be helpful.  Be polite.  Behave.  Be fun.  Be you.

I love you Sweets.  Friday is your first of many days growing up but I will always remember you as my little girl with the “Hello Kitty” backpack that was adorably too big and that bounced when you walked.

Job Interview on the Fly

25 Jul

He left a message at 1 pm.  Saw my resume.  Wants to hold interviews this week and next.  Call him to set up a time.

I call back at 3 pm. He tells me he has to sort through all the resumes, commenting that he has so many because of the bad economy.  I reply that the open position is also an exciting opportunity.  He agrees and then begins to set up an interview time.  He asks me what days I would be free. I’m available tomorrow if he’s open, I announce.  It’s set.

Right now, I’m reviewing a list of possible questions I could encounter tomorrow.  I’ve manicured my nails. I’m grooming my eyebrows.  I’m second guessing my outfit.  What purse should I carry? Should I wear a necklace?  Will my throat still hurt this bad tomorrow?  (I caught the kids’ colds.)  The only thing I’m not worried about is getting there.  I actually scouted it out earlier tonight.

That’s about all I can do. Worry and wait until 10 am tomorrow.  That’s when I’ll be trying to convince my inquisitor that I’m the next Publicity Manager for The University of Georgia Press.

A Day of Registering

15 May

I have been dreading this day for quite some time now.  Just thinking about it ties my stomach up in knots and makes me need to take deep breaths.  I’m scared. Worried. Stressed.  Doubtful.  Questioning. Nervously excited. Scared.  I know I already wrote that feeling.  I felt it necessary to repeat it since it’s the one consuming me.

In a few hours, I will be registering Nia for Kindergarten.  I have already downloaded, printed and filled out the forms.  I’ve paper clipped them all nice and neat with all the other forms they require you to show them.  Her birth certificate – check.  Her social security card – check.  Proof that we live in the school district – check.  Proof that I am who I say I am – check. Proof that she’s had all her shots – check.  My sanity and peace of mind – ah – yeah, nope.  Those are pretty far from getting a check.

I’m just so apprehensive about so many things when it comes to this big step.  I know I felt the same feelings when I registered her for Pre-K but now it’s official.  Our baby girl is starting school- that’s difficult enough to deal with – but then there’s also all the judgments that surround school.  I hear it all the time from other mothers…”We would definitely not send our child to public school.  Private school is the only option for us.”  But then there’s the… “I don’t trust any school system to teach my child.  We are homeschooling them.”  I know I shouldn’t care what they say but it’s hard not to let their attitudes put doubt in my head.

All I can do is deal with it the best I can and not let Nia sense my feelings.  I want her to be excited and happy about starting “big kid” school.  So far, she is and that’s really the one thing that settles my stress.  I’m just going to take it one day at a time and that starts today.  Wish us luck!

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