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Nia: The Headliner

7 Oct

We just taught Nia the joke that goes, “Why was 6 afraid of 7?  Because 7, 8, 9!”

She then came up with, “Why did 9 cross the road?  To run away from 7!”

She even acted it out like she was running across the road.

Such a great memory.

Our Little Comedian

31 Mar

Ever hear a 4-year-old tell a joke?  It goes a little something like this…

“Momma I have a joke.”
“Ok sweetie what is it?”
(These are all delivered with perfect inflection.)
“There was a spoon and it fell in the sink and then it was yucky!”
“The doggy laid down and then he sneezed!”
“Nate has a diaper on!”
(I was told several more “jokes” during the day but I think you get the point – they all pretty much state the obvious…)

What makes the super-sweet jokes even more funny is how Andrew laughs at them.  He lets out the loudest, craziest laugh – it’s so ridiculous that is is HILARIOUS. I hope she always wants to make others laugh.  Our little comedian.

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