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Dear Sister Note about the Play that Wasn’t

27 Mar

The play was for Literacy Day. Nate’s class had been learning songs about vowel sounds, rhyming words and speckle frogs for weeks. He sang in the shower and at the breakfast table to Nia, rehearsing – complete with finger snaps and an air guitar. He excitedly asked if we could watch him sing. The night before the big day finally arrived. He fell asleep singing, knowing I was going to be in the audience to see him shine with the other Kindergartens. Then, hours later, he woke up with a terrible coughing fit.

Sadly, he would miss his play – too tired from a rough night and too sick to sing on stage. He sang for me at the doctor’s office (white-wall video at the bottom of this post) and wrote Nia a note:

Signed: Sweet, Sicky Boy

Translated: “Nia, sorry I cannot come to school today because I am sick. I can do another play next year. Don’t worry, Nia. I have a bad cough. One thing why I can’t come. Two, I have a cold.”

He later added, “I hope I don’t have it anymore and I wish you don’t have it like me.”

Sweet, sicky boy. I’m glad you are feeling better now.

The Best Lunch Date

27 Aug
  • A stroll through the mall – window shopping and checking out cool stuff.
  • An order of Bourbon Chicken with Fried Rice and Broccoli.
  • A spoon and a fork and a shared Styrofoam container.
  • He and I sitting side by side, allowing me to sneak smooches and help him cut his broccoli trees.
  • A hug around the neck as I carried him to his bed for a nap.  (He made it even better by saying “Momma” with such love as he wrapped his little arms around and squeezed.)

I feel so lucky Nate and I shared such a nice day together.  It made me worry that I didn’t make the right decision about going back to work but then I remembered we’ll still have our evenings and weekends to enjoy. I know he’s going to love his “school” and I think it’s really going to help him in a lot of ways. I’m just glad I have this memory to keep and to cherish and am so thankful for our little man.


Minding your own beeswax doesn’t work

29 Jun

Poor little man.  There he was (minding his own beeswax), taking a dip in the pool, when a bee decided to interrupt his fun day in the sun.

We never saw it coming.  He and I were watching Nia walk to our chair to get her floatie-arms and the next thing I know, Nate was screaming out in pain.  The bee got him right between his shoulder and his neck which is pretty amazing being that all of his floatie gear leaves very little skin exposed.

I never thought I would purposefully touch any bee but my motherly emotions took over and I actually grabbed that pesky mofo with my fingers and tossed it in anger.  I really didn’t know what to do next, but I saw that the stinger was still in Nate’s skin so I squeezed around the area to work it out.

Nate cried all the way around the pool as we rushed to get medicine from the lifeguard.  He kept saying so pitifully, “Bee did it.  Bee did it.”

It was heartbreaking.  After the initial pain of it all, Nate was just fine and actually faked a sad face when he later told his daddy what happened.  “Bee did it Daddy,” as he pointed to his boo-boo, “Bee did it.”

Chasing Butterflies

24 Apr

I never fully realized the power and beauty of a butterfly until recently.  When Nia and Nate see one flutter by, they gasp, squeal and giggle with excitement and then take off after it.  Sometimes I worry about how captivating the beautiful creature is to them because it seems they will follow it until they run squaw into the fence or out into oncoming traffic.

Danger aside, I just love the innocence and happiness that comes along with chasing butterflies and I’ll admit there’s even been a time or two when I’ve joined in with the kids.  How can I resist after they’ve shown me how much joy it can bring?  I think I actually get as excited as they do now when we see a butterfly.

Thanks sweeties.  I will always cherish our chases.

The Best Hints Ever

3 Feb

Lately, Nia’s been playing this game where she’ll say, “Momma, guess what I am.  I have wings and I fly.”

I pretend like I don’t know and that I need some help. To that she replies, “It starts with a b-b-b sound. B-b-b. B-i.  B-i-r.  B-i-r-d.  Bird.”

It is the cutest and most interesting thing – watching her try to quiz me and then sound out the answers. I don’t know where she learned it but it amazes me and leaves me asking, who is less than 3 feet tall, completely adorable and super smart?  N-n-n.  N-i.  N-i-a.  Nia.  My Nia.

RSVP By December 25

17 Dec

Nia is really getting excited about Christmas – but not just for the typical “I’m going to get a mountain of presents” reason.

She’s been working hard over the past few nights – planning for the special day. The floor of her room is covered with crayons and bits of construction paper.  The only thing I helped her do is spell.  Just take a look –

"Jesus Is Birthday Love Nia"

"Mary Is Birthday Love Nia"

Isn’t it sweet how she writes the word “is” because she thinks that’s what we say when we make something possessive?  It’s not Jesus’ Birthday it’s “Jesus Is Birthday.”   When I saw that was what she was doing, I tried to teach her about the apostrophe.  It kind of worked – but she still wanted to put the word “is” in there.

"God's Party (Is) Love Nia"

Sure, she may have some of the facts wrong but still – I just couldn’t get over how sweet it all was.

Oh and, I think you’re invited to the party. 🙂

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