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The Key to Conquering the Commode?

23 Jul

Right now, Thomas the Tank Engine underpants are taking a tumble in our washing machine.  After that, they’ll be dried and given to a 2 and a half year old boy who has yet to master the whole peeing and pooing in the potty business.  I’m hoping that Nate will be so in love with the drawers that he won’t want to defile them.  I already know he loves them because the very moment he saw them he wanted to rip them out of the package and put them on.  I told him, “No, Mommy has to wash them first.”  He took them to the bathroom sink, tossed them in and said, “Mommy wash.”

Here’s to Thomas!

All Aboard the Cuckoo Train

8 Apr

I think I’ve caught Thomas the Tank Engine Fever.  Nate’s love of the little trains is contagious.  I sing Thomas songs, like he does.  I get excited when I see any Thomas product, like he does.  I shriek “Thomas Train!” when I see the product, like he does.  I want to have all of the trains and the train sets, like he does.

This is where it goes from cute and fun to expensive and looney.

I can’t help it though!  It’s just so adorable to see how happy Nate gets because of Thomas and I want to buy and buy and buy…

A Little Boy and His Shoes

10 Mar

I wanted to get him a pair of navy blue or maybe tan/brown sneakers.  Ones that would go well with a majority of his clothes.  I’m not a fan of the crazy colored shoes or the ones with cartoon characters.

None of what I like or want mattered after seeing Nate’s reaction to these –

Special Shoes

He was so excited – smiling ear to ear, saying “Thomas Train!” over and over again.  We bought them and he carried the bag out of the store like a big boy.  Carrying them didn’t last long though.  Why do that when he could wear them and continue to point out his “Thomas Trains” as we walked from store to store?  It actually became a pretty awesome mood changer too.  When he would start to get fussy Andrew would ask, “Nate, where’s Thomas?”  That’s all it took.  Immediate happiness. I’m not sure how long it will last but I will certainly use the power of the shoe for as long as I can!

He even wants to wear them over his footy pajamas while he sleeps!  No, we didn’t let him curl up next to his dirty trains.  No, instead, we let him sleep with a hard plastic pull-toy Thomas Train that plays music.  When Andrew went to check on him before we went to sleep last night, he was hugging it.  His precious blankey (or “kay-kay” as he calls it) was way at the bottom of the crib.  We couldn’t believe it!

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