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Parenting Lesson Number Who Knows What

20 Jun

Taking YouTube requests from the kids is a pretty common thing for us. In fact, when they even see me just sit down near the laptop they surround me, hurling search terms out in the air – Spiderman! Barbie! Me! Lightning McQueen! Hannah Montana! Charlie Bit Me! Funny Videos!

It actually can be a lot of fun. We all really crack up over Charlie Bit My Finger and the other night we watched some boy talk about his cool Spiderman action figures for six minutes. (That one wasn’t a blast for me but Nate was totally into it.) That same night, we ventured into a few “Lightning McQueen” videos. That’s when we saw a cute picture of a Beagle puppy labeled, “Talking Puppy!!” Of course, I clicked on it.

The clip was fine for the first few seconds but then – well – you can just watch it and see for yourself.

Yeah. Not the best thing for the kids to see, especially right before bed when that’s pretty much the last thing they’ll see for that day. I told them it was pretend and that it was just some guy who was wearing a lot of scary makeup for Halloween. That, plus a few more “innocent” Spidey and Barbie videos, seemed to help them forget about the crazy man screaming at them as they were trying to watch the dang puppy say “I love you!”

Of course, I’ve known you never know what you’re going to get with YouTube vids but my cockiness with my searching and selecting ability got the best of me. I guess I’ll just have to screen the videos the best I can before pressing play.

Capturing the Crazy and the Cute

2 Apr

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