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Facebook vs. Face-to-Face

8 Sep

I don’t think my friends “fake it” on Facebook and even if they do, how is that any different than what they do face-to-face?

My question comes after reading the mommy blog article, The New “Keeping Up with the Joneses”. If you don’t feel like reading it, here’s a snippet of my takeaway of the article:

Many people only post happy things on Facebook even when they have bad things to share as well. They don’t mention the fight they had with the hubs, the nightmare of a weekend trip they had, the terrible way they talked to their kids that day or the horrifying thing their child did at school. They only tell you about the smiles, love, hugs, kisses, presents and blessings. All of the life-is-swell updates often make others feel inferior.

I think the writer makes good points (and I agree with the sentiment) but I think the situation is not really a new thing and it’s not just like this because of social media.

How many of our friends tell us all the dirt that happens in their lives to our faces? There are plenty who will never share the negative experiences with another soul outside of their family. Whether they’re on their nightly walk with you, grabbing a coffee with you or Facebooking around the clock, they only shine a happy light on their lives. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

On the flip side, there are some friends who never have a positive thing to tell you or Facebook about. They seem to always be negative or surrounded by drama. If the ones who are always sunshine and happiness make us feel bad about ourselves, should the ones who are followed by a storm cloud make us feel better about ourselves?

What about the friends who over-share and T.M.I. us until we can never un-hear what we’ve heard? (Some wouldn’t want it any other way!) Those friends, like all of them, exist in our Facebook world and our face-to-face world. They just make me feel less entertaining. Man. I hate trying to keep up with the brave and funny ones.

I Will Not Cry

6 Mar

I am going to try to get through this without letting a tear slide down my face. I can’t promise they won’t fill up my eyes but I will try to hold them in there until I’ve at least published this.

I just want to brag about my friends.  I feel so very lucky to have such great buddies.  They brighten my days and spoil me with their love.  I know I may not always get to talk to them as often as I would like but when I do it’s so much fun and I always feel less-stressed after our conversations.  I’m so glad they don’t give up on me when I don’t call for awhile. I couldn’t imagine my life or my family’s life without you in it.

Lately, I’ve been feeling really bad about how things are now with a good college friend I had.  She was even in our wedding and was a great friend and it makes me sad to think that we just lost touch.  It’s really my fault.  She got married about two years ago and I completely forgot to send a present or even a card.  It happened around the time I found out baby number 2 was on the way and I just got caught up in myself and now I can’t forgive myself.  I didn’t get a Christmas card from her in 2005 but then one came this past Christmas and I just lost it.  Now, every day that goes by I want to call her and pour my heart out to her telling her what I jerk I am and asking for her forgiveness.

DARN IT!  A little tear got out!  It’s made it to my cheek and now is creeping down my neck!  SNEAKY TEAR!

Oh well, I do plan on calling her – I just don’t want to be a big, blubbering fool and her be on the other end of the phone thinking, “do I really want this psycho back in my life?”

All I can do now is thank my friends who allow this psycho to be in their lives now – I only hope I am as good a friend to you as you are to me.

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