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“But it’s special to me.”

24 Dec

I’m so proud of Bean. She and I spent Christmas Eve afternoon going through her older toys and she was so giving and honest. Her giving pile grew and grew and at one point she said, “I don’t want to look back at the give away things because then I might change my mind.”

I know this is hard for her. Usually we’ll go through things and each time I hold up something she’ll say, “But it’s special to me. So-and-so gave it to me.” This time though, she told me it was special then said, “It will be special to another kid now.”

Maybe she knows Santa is watching? Sounds like a Christmas Eve tradition has been born!

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For Sale By Barbie

6 Dec

It sounds like something out of a real estate ad, only way more glamorous and uninhabitable by humans.

This is how the features for Mattel’s  Barbie Dream Townhouse are listed on target.com:

  • 3 stories of fabulous include a pink personal elevator and lights and sounds on every level
  • Enter through the front door to a warm and glowing light-up chandelier, a dining area and a fully stocked kitchen
  • Entertain in the second level living room with a roaring fireplace and a popup flat screen TV, plus an ultra-luxurious Barbie signature bathroom
  • The third floor boasts a posh bedroom suite with canopy bed and a balcony with charming light-up tiki lights and an outdoor whirlpool tub
  • Sounds include a doorbell, a kitchen timer, a crackling fireplace, a shower humming and a flushing toilet

And if that wasn’t convincing enough, toysrus.com offered more descriptive details, broken up room by room.

Sold. And it didn’t even cost me a 30-year mortgage. I had a promo code.


Because Barbie Rocks

12 Mar

I totally was all like, “Mooommmmy, I have to have them! Puhleeze!” And this may be T.M.I. but I also wished I could “Weird Science” that Derek doll and make him come to life. He was my dream man. (Not the Michael Bolton looking one – the tall, dark and handsome drink of water.) Step off Barbs. Step. Off.

Another Barbie thing that cracked me up – this week’s “Infomania.”  This had me laughing so hard I was crying, squealing and gasping for air.  I love it!

Santa Needs to Make an Exchange

2 Dec

Barbie.  Check

Pink Nintendo DS.  Check.

Games (including the one with the princess) to go with the DS.  Check.

High School Musical DVD.  Reluctant, but check.

A few books, other Barbie doo-dahs and princess thing-a-ma-jigs. Check.

I thought we were covered.  Sure, she’ll see a commercial or a picture of a toy and tell us she wants it for Christmas, but we knew we could get away with skipping those “I wants.”

Christmas 2008

 Then, the kids visited this guy –

Of course she tells him she wants something we haven’t purchased.  Something she’s never even mentioned to us.  “A Tinkerbell doll with wings that flap.”

What?  The official request to Mr. Claus would be just fine if we weren’t already over-budget on Nia’s presents.

It looks like we’ll be trading in one want for another.  After all, that want wasn’t directly delivered to The Man.

At least we got Nate’s request right.  “A Thomas that goes chugga-chugga, peeeep-peeeeeep!”

He’s asked us for that exact thing two or three times a day for the past week.  Almost to verify that he will indeed be getting the “Thomas that goes chugga-chugga, peeeep-peeeeeep!”

Boy am I relieved that it is currently hiding out in a closet.

I thought the house was clean…

22 May

then I saw Nia and Nate tossing their pricey toys aside so they could chase a dust bunny around the kitchen!

You wouldn’t believe how much that little ball of dirt entertained them.  They were giggling like crazy.

Unfortunately for them, their fun ended quickly.  As soon as I realized what they were doing, I grabbed the sweeper and stole their “toy”.

I will admit that there are some things I let them play with that they probably shouldn’t (car keys, hair brushes so he can bang up the house), but I draw the line at dust bunnies!

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