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May I Have Your Autograph?

5 Jul

Mixed Emotions after American Idol Announcement

22 May

I think this video of Nia and Nate pretty much captures the way many people felt after watching this season’s American Idol finale.


Littlest, Biggest David Cook Fans

15 Mar

Little David Cook Wannabe

11 Mar

Nate really loves to rock out to some David Cook.  He even recognizes him when he sees him on television.  Here’s a sample of how serious he gets when he’s belting it out –

The Future of Our Country

25 Feb

Nia, this morning at breakfast:  “We get to watch American Idol tonight and have popcorn!”

Andrew: “No sweetie, not tonight.”

Nia, excitement dampened with disappointment: “Whyyyy?”

Andrew:  “President Obama is going to talk on tv.”

Nia:  “Again?!  He was just on.  He talks a lot.”

(In case you didn’t know, she “voted” for Obama in her school election so this is one reaction that has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat.  It’s all Idol – a possible future political party.)

If Nia Judged American Idol

10 Apr

Nia is smarter than Paula Abdul but her judging skills are pretty much on the same level.  It’s not about the singing, it’s all about how they look.  Her favorite singer?  She “likes all the girls the best because of their makeup.”

We’ve created a little Idol addict.  We let her watch it last week for the first time and that was it. She wants more, constantly asking us when it was going to be on again.  Andrew even had to mark the calendar to show her when she’d get to watch it.  It makes her feel like such a big girl to get to watch a “mommy and daddy” show and I love to hear what she thinks about the singers.

“I like her the best because her shirt is sparkly.”

“Oh, look at her earrings!”

Hold on to your seat Paula –  Nia’s getting ready to take your place!  Don’t worry though, you still “look great!”

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