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Littlest, Biggest David Cook Fans

15 Mar

Little David Cook Wannabe

11 Mar

Nate really loves to rock out to some David Cook.  He even recognizes him when he sees him on television.  Here’s a sample of how serious he gets when he’s belting it out –


5 Dec

Could a music video be brainwashing our baby boy?

I don’t know what it is about this particular song/music video, but every time Nate sees it he freezes and stares.  I mean, it’s a catchy song (the singer is “Feist” and the song is “1234”) and the video is filled with dancers wearing colored shirts but he loves it so much he asks “Again?” or “More?” each time it ends.  Watching it over and over and over…

I just find it so funny and cute that I had to share it.  Enjoy!

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